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Greetings to all respected members of the community!

I hope everyone's in good health. Till now I have been only participating in contests or just helping in organizing them. But this is the first time I am sponsoring it as well. I hope you will enjoy participating in this one.

Contest Topic :

Desserts or Sweets Photography


Details : With Meethi Eid on its way, lets indulge into some desserts and sweets. Take a picture of your sugar-based food. It can be a complicated dessert, sweets, candies, icecreams or chocolates. Not fruits.

Rules: (Read carefully because this time I or @vvarishayy will not be reminding you of the missed rules :p)

  • To be able to participate your achievement 1 must be verified and included in the contest post.

  • You must be a member of the @steemit-pak.

  • Upvote, Resteem, and Comment on this post.

  • Make the post in STEEMIT PAKISTAN.

  • Use the tags #event-horizon and your country e.g #pakistan in the first five tags.

  • Tag two friends in your post.

  • Comment the link to your post under this post.

  • The picture must be taken by you.

  • You may share a short description including your camera details.

  • If the picture is taken at a restaurant, give the name of the place and w3w code, and the name of the food item.

  • If a picture taken at home only give the name of the food item.

Be Creative with your photography because it will increase your chances of winning.

Deadline : Until the payout of this post.

$$ Rewards $$

1st Prize - 15 Steem
2nd Prize - 10 Steem
3rd Prize - 5 Steem

As I am sponsoring this contest and rewards are big so I am expecting great entries. Show your creative skills and increase the chance of winning.

Best of Luck !!

CC : @haidermehdi, @hassanabid, @rashid001

 22 days ago 

Nice contest , i will share my entry soon :)

Wow! I will be honored.

Wow nicee ❤️ I'll try to participate.
A wonderful contest ☺️

Rules: (Read carefully because this time I or @vvarishayy will not be reminding you of the missed rules :p)

Hahaha it's a headache tbh 😂

Would look forward to your entry 😉

A beautiful sweet contest.
Will surely participate. All the best with your contest. And indeed the prize pool is high :p

Waiting for your participation.


Thank you ♥️

Nice one

Do participate! 🙃

 23 days ago 

Another good step. Hope you succeed in successful organization of this contest. Best of luck :)

Thank you! Will be needing your support to spread the news among the members.

Good luck 🍀😃❤️

Do participate! :)

Participated 😉🤪

Great!!, i will definitely participate

Will look forward to your entry! :)

may i participate here.
Thanks you

Yes, if you follow all the rules.

I agree, what can I post

 22 days ago 

Read the post please.

Nice contest i will also participate best of luck ♥️

Waiting to be varified so that i can also participate

I hope you get verified soon. Keep your post prepared. 😁

Good suggestion.i will InshaAllah😊

Waiting for your entry.

Good Luck I'll participate soon in this beautiful contest

Looking forward to a yummy dessert. 😋

Keep it up dear and InshAllah we will definitely participate 😊

Thankyou! Your participation would be appreciated. 😊

Good to see another contest!
I'll surely take part. Best wishes

I'm already waiting for your entry. 🙃


Thank you ☺️

What is the specific closing date of this contest?

29-04-2021, 22:51 pakistan time

Thank you. Now on my list.

Nice post dear.......

Thanks, will you participate?

Pleasure...... 😊
Ohhh thanks dear......
Yes, why not I'll participate .....
God bless you dear....😊🥰

 21 days ago 

for sure i will take part food is love

Great! I will be waiting.

Wow, this an interesting contest. I’ve so many pictures. Sounds like I’ll have to choose the best one. I’ll surely participate soon😊

Haha, if this wasn't a contest, i would've asked you to post all. 😂

Wow!That's good

Sounds good. I’ll be participating too.❤️😋

 21 days ago 


It is a great Topic As I love desserts💢☺

I'm glad you liked it. 🙂

Hmm I think I've to prepare a desert for your contest 😋

Haha, as you wish. I have given other options too.

It seems a very interesting contest, I will surely share my entry soon In sha Allah.


Thank you 😊

Me encanta este concurso excelente pronto mi participación .. saludos

@event-horizon, I am trying so hard to find even a single dessert in my gallery photos from last two days to participate in it. But unfortunately, I am failed badly😂😂😤🥺
Suddenly, I remembered that once I took the picture of a Ferrari cake, that was ordered for my cousin's birthday, even I could not find those pics😤
Now what should I do🥺,
But I hope the best participant will win
And good luck to you for this contest

Hahah.. There's still one day left. Why don't you bake something for Aftar today? 😉
And you can post anything sweet like candies or chocolates except raw sugar ofcourse. 😂

Array waaah, great idea , kuch karna hi paray gaa abb to, I am coming Buddy,😃😉

Felicidades me parece genial este concurso participaré enseguida ,.. saludos

Really a nice contest organized by you. Wish you the very best luck. :)

Muy bueno el concurso me gusta la repostería

I'm ready for this.


wow!!! what a mouth watering contest🤤
inshallah will participate in this contest.