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Writing is one of my favorite hobbies . I have started writing when I was in my early youth in a weekly edition of Urdu daily Mashriq. Due to ignorance and negative behavior of the society towards reading and writing one of my elder brothers discouraged me and suggested that this hobby will harm my school education. My first story was published in weekly children edition of Urdu language Bachon ka Mashriq .
I wrote short stories , essays, situation analysis , literary criticism, Human Rights , ethics and reports about violation of human rights.

Book title Hbib.jpgTitle of my book in Pushto language , published in 2018

I wrote hundreds of   articles in three languages Urdu, Pushto and English. How I published selection from my writings ?. I was a passionate suggestion from Akbara Khan Safi one of my ardent admirers which prompt me to publish my work in bookish form.
Mr. Akbar Khan Safi collected my articles from the newspapers and suggested to
publish the collection in bookish form. Due to my busy
schedule and increasing responsibilities publication of the book was delayed. At last in 2018 the book comes out of the press.

Book store Habib.jpg

Bundles of the book brought to home , stored in my library

Title of the book is " Jwandi Leekoona" written in Pushto language, means "  living words "  is a miscellaneous collection of my writings
and spontaneous thoughts, National and social issues of my country like population
growth, Human Rights, literary comments and critical analyses . Most of the
writings have already published in newspapers and magazines during the past
fifteen years. Some regular columns, preface on literary books, selected
editorial of monthly magazine that I have written as editor, pages from history
and sketches of the social and literary activists of the area.

Besides aforementioned writings some new articles also included but the previous ones are much meaningful and attractive for the readers. This book is divided into six chapters. The first chapter is about social and national issues including population growth, Human Rights, Rule of
law, and national interest and development agenda of my country. Second chapter is about international relations, globalization, global movement for peace and an interview with Jewish Rabbi on the role of religion for a peaceful world.
Third chapter is literary writings, fourth is about the life and struggle of
local heroes and fifth is a short travelogue of Afghanistan’s Kunar province.
In this travelogue I have mentioned some important dimensions of the Afghan
society, infighting of the Afghan war lords, the tribal system and life under
the rule of the king , revolutionary leaders and Taliban . I visited Afghanistan during the rule of Taliban.

Last chapter is about my visit to Norway when Norwegian Refugee Council invited me for the Emergency Roster Member (NORCAP) . In that article under the title “reforms in the political system in Pakistan” is a comparison of the political system of Somalia, Pakistan and Norway. Why Norway is a developed country and Pakistan and Somalia are poor and backward? This question was thoroughly answered.

Another article in Urdu section of the book is about the non-violence freedom movement against British colonialism .  Currently I have started review of the book for the publication of its second edition.

Writings About Human Rights and Rule of Law

Research about Human Rights and anti women practices

I have compiled several articles and research papers for Human Rights organizations including Human Rights Commission of Pakistan and Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (SPAARC)

CEDAW.jpgMy research article about anti woman Practices under the tribal custom and traditions and the implementation of Convention on the elimination of All farms of Discriminations against Women (CEDAW). Published in Human Rights Commission of Pakistan News letter , Page 15, 16 July 1997.

State of Child Rights and Convention on the Rights of the Child

CRC urdu.jpg
My research article about Child Rights and the implantation of Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) , Published and approved by Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.

Publication of Monthly Magazine .

In order to promote Human Rights , Democracy and positive ideas in the tribal areas I have decided to started my own publication in regional language Pushto under the title Sabawoon means The Dawn in English. Some of the philanthropists helped me but mostly it was burden on my pocket . Due to financial constraint publication of the magazine was close down after one year .


Title of the first issue of monthly Magazine Sabaoon (The Dawn)

Publication of  two other books is underway one is about the history of Human Rights struggle in Pakistan in Urdu under the title Roshni ka Safar (the journey of light )and the second one  is in English Life of the slaves is about the life style / miseries of the poor common man of my country.



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Sir, I have read your post and I feel proud that I am commenting under your post. You are the pride of Pakistan and the identity of our Pakistan. Your writings and then the edition you published in the form of a book - all these will continue to benefit people until the Day of Judgment. Your pen and text will be read till the Day of Judgment and your name will always be called in the circles of scholars. I can't find the words to compliment you. One thing I have learned from your writing is that reading and writing are two hobbies that change a person's life. And you said that in the beginning you were not encouraged and you did not give up. Sir, you are a great man and a man of beautiful heart and writings. Always be happy And these feelings of mine are for you from the heart. Great Sir @habibhassan

Thank you very much for your kind words and encouragement . I am pleased to have you on this forum. You rightly mentioned that reading and writing change the person s life. Habit of reading and writing is very pleasant, the most healthy and positive habit . This is the journey of human enlightenment and evolution. Our country is very lovely country , the landscape , natural resources and brilliant good people . It is our responsibility to work for the development of our country . Stay blessed @yousafharoonkhan