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Greetings to the Steemit Family and My Best Regards to everyone

Your friend is back with another interesting post for this Season But this time it is About Making a new Street-Food that is loved most in India and pakistan Specially :p

They are known as Crisp Sphere Eaten or Indian watery balls as well.
So Here is the Photo most awaited.

Home Made Pani-Puri

Looks Tasty? Yes It is really really Tasty and quite exciting when you eat it.

Let me share with you the Steps to reach this Beauty :)

  • Beat The Wheat 😁😉


    It is Basically Flour or Medah.
    Mix it with water and then roll your hands at it for some time. It would become dough and then form a similar kind of a shape.
    Then make it into small pieces just like the way you do to make a roti.

    • Roll like a Bread and then cut numerous such pieces like this from one.

    After cutting the mega rounded roti into these small pieces, it would take this shape. These are cut using a rounded thing, you can take any round shaped jar or tin and cut this from a big piece of dough into such smaller pieces. The Next step is to fry these on low gas.

    • Frying the Cut pieces of Dough On Low Gas

    This is how you are going to fry these short cut pieces of dough in the oil on a low gas. After getting fried for a few seconds, they would start getting round and air filled. And would start popping. Just when you feel that the outer surface is strong enough, take them out of the oil and place in a tray.

    This Is How They Would Look After Being Fried.

    image.png Now let's get toward the other part as these are ready :)

    What Next? Make Chatni (Sauce) and boil the Chanay (Chikcpeas)

    These are the chickpeas that are boiled in water until they get into this form. They are quite tasty and then mixed with sauce. The sauce is made up of green and red spices and to add a bit of sour taste in that, we use Tamarind water in that which you can see in the next image.

    Here you can see the tamarind water ( the dish with somewhat brown color water), the black one is the ready made sauce that i bought from the market and the white is yogurt because yogurt is very good for health wo for keeping it healthy for the family, i used yogurt. The green leaf on the yogurt dish is coriander that i used to make it look stylish :)

    THIS IS HOW WE MAKE PANI-PURI In HOME, The one made out on the streets is also more tasty but this is tasty and more importantly good for health.

    I think we know it India by the name of pani-puri, @rishabh99946 would you confirm it please brother?
    Much love from Pakistan to India :)

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    Hope to be more often posting about this stuff. A great initiative by @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 Sir.
    Thanks to the steemit team :)

    Yours Haidermehdi,

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Yes Haider we call it pani puri here, also gol gappe in some region of India. It's great post thank you.
Greetings from India.

Thanks a lot my friend @rishabh99946 .
I hope you all would love it and wish too see my Indian Friends some day :)
#onepercent #pakistan #india #affable

@haidermehdi thank you very much for trying your best to explain all this in detail. I so much appreciate the English name you used in explaining medah. Sincerely speaking, I am not used to this food put I will give it a trial due to its health benefits. My kids will like it a lot. Thank you for sharing

Hehe i would love to see it when you make it :p
i would be proud if it makes your kids happier :)
#onepercent #pakistan #affable

My friend, I think I wanna get into the picture and eat those Pani Puri - Gol Gappys, haha.

I'm very hungry right now and that looks amazing!!

Congrats and thank you so much for sharing!!


I am sure one day we would gather some place, i would offer you this and in return you have to make me visit Leo-Messi hahah :D I am a big fan :p

Thanks a lot for visiting my post :)
#onepercent #pakistan #argentina

Hahahah I think that's gonna be difficult, but I can give you a 10 T-shirt from Barcelona Club!! I know is not from Argentina, but still related to Messi! hehe

Sure i would grab that happily :p :p I have them too but the one from you would be quite special :p

 21 days ago (edited)

@haidermehdi , woow gol gappey pani puri .
Very nice

I will also try to make this gol gappey at home

Hahaha yeah it also came in my mind :p
Miss this a lot :p
I would love to see, share pictures with me when you make this at home :p
#onepercent #pakistan #affable

..... kelihatannya lejat
di medan juga ada yang mirip ..
...namanya sarabi

Pasti akan memeriksanya.
Terima kasih atas komentar Anda @dusunbelajar
#onepercent #pakistan #affable

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