Important Notice : Set Beneficiary to Steemit-pak. [Importance of community Curator account]

in STEEMIT PAKISTAN3 months ago

Hello everyone !


It's been a great time with all of the community members since first day we are trying our best to give our support to community members rather than just improving community curator account @steemit-pak.

The Strategy caused a little mess for Community Curator account as we have seen our members Withrawing out all of their Steem to Fiat or others which isn't good for Long Term Commitment.

So after a Brief Meetings with my Team we have reached to the conclusion to Make members Support Community Curator account too and Obviously they will get rewards in return.


  • Increased priority of Booming Support.
  • Confirmed Upvotes from @steemit-pak ( Quality content only ).
  • Many other supports.

I hope this step will bring our community curator account back to life

Its important for every community member because @steemit-pak account is to help you all.

So, let's grow up together

I would request everyone to Start setting Up beneficiaries to Steemit-pak

Thanks for the cooperation.

Country Representative of Pakistan.

 3 months ago 

InshahAllah we will incorporate. @steemit-pak one of my favorite community. It will grow with all of us strong integrated support 💞

 3 months ago 

it's already going strong, and we'll definitely do more for it ☺

Hi, @hassanabid,

Thank you for your contribution to the Steem ecosystem.

Please consider voting for our witness, setting us as a proxy,
or delegate to @ecosynthesizer to earn 100% of the curation rewards!
3000SP | 4000SP | 5000SP | 10000SP | 100000SP

 3 months ago 

We will do more, already its going amazing

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