List of All New Comers with Their Achievements Joined From Pakistan [10+ verified recruitment in a week]

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Hello everyone i hope you all are doing great here, especially new comers i really wish to see them enjoying and being happy here on steemit.

Today i am going to share with you the list of all new comers joined recently so, The Steemit Team @steemitblog @steemcurator01 can acknowledge our Work.

We were busy explaining different things out to new comers as its not very easy for them to know this wide platform.

Steemit is indeed a very huge platform and it requires a lot of experience and knowledge so for new comers we have been making different posts which are pinned on Steemit Pakistan Community But still we get many questions which is human nature and we cannot finish all.

So coming to the lists of all new comers who joined recently and are really enjoying steemit Platform.

1@mustafaasifAchievement 1
2@amjadsharifAchievement 1
3@ayeshagulAchievement 1
4@amashmallahAchievement 2
5@bilalakhtarAchievement 1
6@mateen1Achievement 1
7@janemoraneAchievement 1
8@mbilaalAchievement 2
9@maazmoid123Achievement 1
10@farhanaliAchievement 1
11@tayyabmughalAchievement 1

Let me know if i missed anyone and Advance Sorry for that.

Thanks to all our community Members who are recruiting new comers and helping them out, Cheers to everyone Here on Steemit Pakistan.

Keep up your Hard Work.

Our community :

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Special Thanks to @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 and @steemitblog for their continuous support and I hope they will continue providing their support to Steemit Pakistan.

Yours Hassanabid
Country representative of Pakistan

 5 months ago 

This is amazing. We are getting users now :)
Proud of you all :)
And welcome to all the new comers. May you all have a great journey here.

#onepercent #pakistan

 5 months ago 

Hey that's really great mashaAllah and you all are working hard for taking our community to the top, proud of you all guys @hassanabid @haidermehdi @rashid001

 5 months ago 

Thankyou so much indeed you are also doing great work as a new Comer

 5 months ago 

thanks dear i am inspired from your hard work..

Thanksfor mentioning me in your blog. @hassanabid i really appreciate you.

 5 months ago 

I wish you Successful life ahead on Steemit

Best of Luck @amjadsharif

 5 months ago 

Wow great!!
I know more users will come from Pakistan insha'Allah 😌