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Hi everybody!

"Steemit Weekly" starts collecting the articles to another, third edition of the newspaper. This time the main theme is "History".

I am glad to announce that two new communities joined the project. We still have a spot for more partners so if you are the admin of any community - feel free to contact with me ( papi.mati3791 on discord)

You may participate in any of the contests announced in nine communities, no matter if you subscribed them or not.

What to write about:

I announce the contest for the best article about the historical event

You could write about anything you want:

  • describe some moment from the history of your country or culture, like getting the independence, some battle, important elections
  • describe some event from the global history which is important or interesting for you, like invention of writing, building pyramids, history of Ottoman Empire or Napoleon Bonaparte or first expedition to the North Pole

You could write about any historical event.

Please, remember that if you use any website to prepare the article, you should write down the source. Mark all the quotes properly and use only the
photos on the Creative Commons licence.

Rules of This Contest:

🗞️ Resteem this post
🗞️ Write a post about any historical event
🗞️ Post must be in English or Spanish
🗞️ Plagiarism is prohibited. All sources must be properly marked
🗞️ Post the link to article in the comment below
🗞️ Post must be published in this community
🗞️ Include following text in your post: "I consent to the publication and distribution of my article in the electronic and paper versions of "Steemit Weekly"and in all social media."
🗞️ Add the tag #steemitweekly in the first three tags


Winner will receive 10 STEEM
Their post will be published in „Steemit Weekly” newspaper.

I might select extra one or more articles which will be rewarded with 5 STEEM and publication in "Steemit Weekly". It depends on the quality of the entries but more importantly, on the available space in the newspaper ("Steemit Weekly" is designed to have maximum 20 pages).

Post Submission Deadline:

 9th of July 2021, 18.00 (GMT -3)

Announcement of the winners:

 12th of July 2021

Previous editions:

N°1/2021 "Culture"

Download: OPEN
Read online: OPEN
N°2/2021 "Nature"

Download: OPEN
Read online: OPEN

Special thanks to our partners:










Thanks to all the curators who up-votes our posts, especially steemcurator01 - without you all, continuing this project would be impossible. I'm very grateful for your support!

Important links:

1️⃣ Steemit Weekly - follow to receive all the information about the winners, new editions and other news
2️⃣ Budget report - We try to make our expenses transparent. Check how do we spend the money we get from your up-votes
3️⃣ Promotion - Share the newspaper with friends and earn the money

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Perfect, thank you very much!

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Pleasure 🤗

 3 months ago 

Oh. i find this contest very late. I actually wanted to participate but the date got expire now.

Sorry to hear that.
If I may suggest something: write the publication in Steemit Pakistan anyway and tag me. You may not win the contest and it's too late to publish your article in the newspaper but If it will be good quality, I can up-vote it, resteem and send you gift of 1-2 STEEM ;)