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The diary game 25/01/2021

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Hello friends, This is my first post in the steemit Pakistan community. I start the day at 8 in the morning. Then I have fresh breakfast. Today I have no work. No one came to the workshop. I collect this news by calling one of my colleagues and from him I collect the factory news.

Meanwhile Dad sent a duck for us from the office and the duck shots told me to barley. Duck meat will be cooked at noon today. Or what fun I like the meat of laughter too. Our office manager brings the ducks to our house and gives them to me. I took pictures of ducks.

received_569273837322633.jpeg Picture of duck sent by father

Then the ducks are given to me. I tell my mother to give me a knife. Then you pick the ducks and prepare them for cooking. I took the ducks in hand and searched for a friend of mine with the body and with him I started the ducks in the name of Allah and made barley.

received_2947137375573004.jpeg Picture of duck sent by father

Then I took a clean bath again and took care of the flower tubs placed on the front door of my house. While attending to the top shots, my mother told me to remove some beans from our bean tree. Today the beans church will be done.

received_728183294500021.jpeg Tree bean

I got a few beans from the tree like my mother said and I asked my mother if I could get more beans. She said no, that's all right, that's all for today.

received_196901495446513.jpeg After laying beans from the tree

After plucking the beans from the tree, I sent them in a bowl to my mother in the kitchen and chopped them into vegetables. Beans are my favorite vegetable curry. I like them very much so I am very happy to eat goose meat curry and bean curry today.

IMG_20210127_124346_003.JPG Clothing design

In the afternoon my younger sister was looking for a few dress designs so I gave her a design book and those books had these designs. And I take pictures of those designs with my phone and share them with you. Please let me know how these designs are.

IMG_20210127_124323_728.JPG Clothing design

It was evening to finish the design episode and then I sat down to watch TV because there was nothing special on the TV so I watched the drama on YouTube with my mobile.

I watched this play that night with the link to the play I gave above. And the drama was fantastic I liked the drama very much. When the play was over, I was asleep. If you like my diary, you must comment. If you make a mistake, you must forgive me. Thank you. All will be well.

Assalamu Alaikum



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