Better life| The Diary Game|21 May 2021| Lunch with friends

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today is my first post in Steemit Pakistan. I get up early at 4:30 am and I do wazu I offer my fajar prayer and then I do recitation of HOLY QURAN.
I have a habit of morning walk for half an hour. Walking barefooted in greenery release all the tensions and stress also keep fit and active.

Outside of my home, I have a small lawn where I do morning walks.


After the morning walk, I have a peach and mango shake along with that my breakfast toast paratha and egg.
Today I am very excited because my friends invited me for lunch
So I start my preparation I get ready my clothes and shoes.

I belong to Renala Khurd and I have lunch in Okara so I have to reach there at noon and we have lunch at 1 pm.
So I arrived there at 12:30 and all my friends were already there waiting for me.



Then we ordered some good food fish soup mutton and salad.

Then I come back and have snapped at 3 pm. Lunch was delicious we enjoyed it a lot. Hope you will enjoy reading my diary.

with best regards