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RE: Weekly Engagement Week # 17 || My Favorite Hobby by @habibhassan

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Sir, I have read your post and I feel proud that I am commenting under your post. You are the pride of Pakistan and the identity of our Pakistan. Your writings and then the edition you published in the form of a book - all these will continue to benefit people until the Day of Judgment. Your pen and text will be read till the Day of Judgment and your name will always be called in the circles of scholars. I can't find the words to compliment you. One thing I have learned from your writing is that reading and writing are two hobbies that change a person's life. And you said that in the beginning you were not encouraged and you did not give up. Sir, you are a great man and a man of beautiful heart and writings. Always be happy And these feelings of mine are for you from the heart. Great Sir @habibhassan


Thank you very much for your kind words and encouragement . I am pleased to have you on this forum. You rightly mentioned that reading and writing change the person s life. Habit of reading and writing is very pleasant, the most healthy and positive habit . This is the journey of human enlightenment and evolution. Our country is very lovely country , the landscape , natural resources and brilliant good people . It is our responsibility to work for the development of our country . Stay blessed @yousafharoonkhan

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