MUSiC FOR STEEM WEEK #37 : SEVDAN BIR ATES (from 2000) BY @anatolianwishdom

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Hello our friends, this week for music for Steem we are performing a very well known Turkish song from 2000. We use to listen this song and the band "Duş sokağı sakinleri" when we were teenage.

Sevdan bir ateş
Versiyonlar: #1#2
Your fire eyes
if melts my soul
i'd be an ice
While i'm burnin'within'

Your voice is a bluff
if ıt calls for me
i'd be a bird and fly
while i'm burnin'within'

Your love became a fire inside of me
my hearth is a crazy it's exulted in you

while your hair brandishin'my hearth with it's wind
i'd be am exile and migrate
from this lands

whom my hands touch
whom see my eyes
death will arrive to me
i say 'you'again

your love became a fire inside of me
my hearth is a crazy it's exulted in you
Many thanks to @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 @musicforsteem and @steemit



beautiful, I love the detail in your guitar's freatboard!


Trust me I couldn't understand your language but I enjoyed the whole musical performance a lot . I'm really a big fan of yours. I wish if I could play a guitar like you !

Thank you for such kind and nice comment. Very much appreciated.

I am fan of yours as well. Great voice you have .

Music has its own language. And steemit gives us a great opportunity to hear and spread world music to all over the globe. We love your language as well.

All the best my friends 😊
Thank you


Very much pleasing.. I like your performance...

Thank you for watching 🙏
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You lovely Couple are really amazing whenever you both sing together 😊 @anatolianwishdom.
I also tried to sing a song in musicforsteem platform if you share your opinion it will encourage me.