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Hello everyone! This is the next performance for this week. Today is Tuesday, and therefore the day to post a performance of a classical piece. For today's classical piece, I decided to play the second movement of Haydn's sonata in Bb Major. I have known this movement for several years, and performed it in a piano recital several years ago (along with the first and third movements). I have not posted it to Steem before though, and decided to change that today. I hope you enjoy my performance of the second movement from Haydn's sonata in Bb Major!


Thanks for reading/listening to this! Please remember that feedback is always appreciated! In addition, I am open for song requests to learn for Thursdays, and Christmas song requests to post for Fridays! Thanks again! Have a nice night!


Welcome to You Deserve

I hope that you will invite friends to help the novices in the community. Hand in Hand towards the Imam, all greetings

Como siempre tu trabajo es maravilloso, gracias por seguir publicando para este gran concurso mi estimado @cmp2020.

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I love this piece! sure wish I had better speakers than these computer speakers, but even so, it was quite a pleasure to listen to.

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