Remember Me by Emma Southern and Christopher Palmer

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Hello everyone! Some of you may recall this post I made the day after Emma and I broke up in which I uploaded the remaining recordings that we had prerecorded. Sadly, I missed one. I didn't even remember making it. When we recorded this, we prerecorded other songs as well, and I completely forgot that we'd recorded it. I rediscovered this yesterday, and only worked up the strength to listen to it today. The song was already moving to begin with, and now I wonder when (if ever) I will be able to listen to it without crying. For that matter, I wonder how long it will take until I can listen to any of the songs on the Music for Steem playlist again.

This song comes from the movie Coco, and was written by a father for his daughter. I remember watching Coco with Emma a few weeks after we started dating. It is still probably one of my favorite memories with her.

We couldn't actually find piano sheet music for this song, so I just had to improvise using the Guitar chord sheet. There was also a point where I decided to modulate, and used such a classical sounding harmonic progression which was possibly out of character in hindsight.

We wanted to surprise all of our friends here who speak Spanish by doing a verse in Spanish. Here is the recording:


I'm sorry that I forgot this one, and I hope this is the only one I forgot (I'm pretty sure it is). That being said, this recording is probably the best conclusion there is. Because of that, I am almost glad that I missed it in the other post. I did get Emma's permission to post it today, and I hope she will consider continuing to post in Music for Steem someday. Thank you all again for your support, and I hope you all enjoy this recording!


Oh gosh this is emotional indeed! She sings Recuerdame which means Remember me :). That your songs never stop and that the love will carry o forever in the heart. We will never forget

Hermosa!! <3

Great performance by the both of you

nice voice more song please sir.

Thank you! I am still unsure what the situation is with Music for Steem, and am waiting for the next week to be announced.

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