Music for Steem week 18 - Adagio by Lara Fabian - Cover by @Donatello

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Dear music lovers

This is an improvisation since I went to the park for my dance and training session and I ended up filming this video. I don't want to offend or upset anybody with my rendition.

The history behind this song is a bit tricky. This is a song by Lara Fabian and the songwriters are: Vleminckx / Dave Pickell / Lara Crockaert / Remo Giazotto / Tomaso Albinoni.

I always knew that the original song was by Albinoni but actually it was composed by 20th-century musicologist and Albinoni biographer Remo Giazotto.

Have fun watching!

Please turn up the video volume!

This is my entry.

Almost five years ago I created this short arrangement for guitar.
Adagio - Albinoni - Short arrangement by Donatello Figliuolo

A big thank you goes to the organisers, curators, supporters and of course the participants.

Thank you for reading and watching!
Please feel free to leave a comment!


ottimo performance, e buona canzone, buona fortuna, saluti! amico

Grazie mille!

Que bueno @donatello me gusta mucho como te diviertes con tus entradas, y ese tema me gusta mucho... Felicidades amico... Cuidate mucho...

Muchas gracias por pasar y dejar un lindo comentario. No estaba seguro de si mi video era apropiado para este tipo de concurso, pero parece que está bien.

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