welcome back
I hope you got enough sleep

Thank you for the kind words :)

good music makes me feel like rolling a joint or 2 and kicking back...

Is that you? you hairy beast..

Haha, yes I embrace hairy beastness.
I'm smoking a joint while I type this. :P

Thank you for the kind words friend :)

This theme drew the weather you were in and explained its name without words.
Thanks for sharing!

Indeed, that's how it felt to me. Thank you so much for listening and for the kind words! :)

Wow..very beautiful music. U are very skill in playing guitar , Jake.. and u have very beautiful cat.. Have a nice day, Jake.

Thank you so much my friend.

Loved it, and the cat of course! Thanks for sharing the tunes with us. Keep expressing yourself, with music :D

Nice to know you

Thank you for the kind words my friend!
The cat loves music lol. More to come, it's nice to know you too :)

Love this! Love that it ends with your petting a cat. Is it improv? Is that your cat at the end?

Thank you for the kind words my friend! It was slightly improv, but not really. It was just some easy chords that I played around with and threw together a little something. It took me about 10 minutes to create the foundation, and then I recorded.

Yes that is my cat friend, he was hanging out with me outside. He stays out there most of the time. He loves the music and always comes snuggling up when I play.

Are you able to send me a friend request on Discord by chance? I tried to message you but can't, and it won't let me send you a request.
It says it is because we don't share any server, and I just left some recently, so it must be the reason we can't communicate. It happened with a few other people too.

? That is weird. Looks like discord is not starting up properly for me now. I hope that doesn't take half a day to figure out. erg.


[WhereIn Android] (


I enjoyed it, bud. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you bro, I appreciate it.

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