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Hi Music Lovers

Due to the massive influx of new users on Steemit, and the relentless recruiting of our Country Representatives from Bangladesh and India, we are proud to present another batch of Asian musicians! 3 NEWBIES!!

For me, this is an ear-opening experience as I would normally not go and hunt for music from those regions. And that is something I really enjoy. The world is much much bigger than what my local radio station and even my Spotify playlists present. We are happy you are here ❤️

Please, if you got time, take a moment to listen and appreciate the music our friends from South Asia present.

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(random order)

From Bangladesh, @rajib833 recruited by @tarpan

From Bangladesh, @hrhabib

From Bangladesh, @sohanurrahman recruited by @toufiq777

From India, @ankitwish recruited by @rishabh99946

But wait, there is more!

We also got @roy.sajib and our all-time double winner of MFS @isha.ish!

This is series 1 of our country/region presentation of artists of Music For Steem! Stay Tuned for more!

Thanks again to the country reps from India and Bangladesh, you guys are doing a tremendous job!


Your welcome buddys... This is a great news. Greetings from Venezuela.

Glad to more and more users participating in @musicforsteem! Great work guys!

Thank you for appreciating and recruiting!

Thanks for holding this contest and supporting the passionate people.I also got lot of support and inspiration from other representatives. They are very good and humble.

Thanks for holding this
Contest and supporting the
Passionate people.

                 - tarpan

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thanks for your kind words to your fellow team members. They sure have tons of value from your contributions!

I don't know who has written this post, I wanna thank him/her personally who has written it. .. Yeah I must say the people of Asia love music very much. Hope @musicforsteem is going to experience a new era of music..

You are most welcome! Thank you!!

It is a great iniciative!!

Thank you!

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