Music For Steem 🎵 - Valentine Is Coming - SPECIAL CONTEST

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Hi Steempies,

the past year was unusual, to say the least. I hope you are doing well and just know that the end of the misery is in sight.
Most of us are at home most of the time, which can put relationships at a test.

As Valentine is coming (February 14), we would love it that you sing your most favorite love song. The best performance will win a lovely prize! From now until the 14th, you can sing and perform for the Valentine Special! If you have multiple songs, you can enter multiple times!

music for steem steemit.jpg


Same as the Music For Steem weekly contest, you start the recording with Music For Steem and add Valentine Special in the intro! Songs need to be recorded live and a minimum of 2 minutes.

You have time from NOW, and it will end on February 14th. We will post a winner's announcement 📢 on that day.

You can enter with several songs.


Buenísimo, trabajaré en mí tema. Gracias musicforsteem.

Excelente trabajaré en mi tema desde ahora.

Buena iniciativa, me encanta tengo ya varios temas por ahí..

Hlw @musicforsteem 💓
The tags that we used for sharing singing. Will I use those tags for this also? Or need to add something new?


Hi no you can just use Musicforsteem and post it in the community! That way we are sure we see you. Looking forward <3

Excelente ya estaremos preparando nuestra entrada.

Excelente! Soy nueva en STEEMIT nunca he realizado una publicación por esta comunidad tan hermosa que apasiona a tantas personas, como lo es la música, pero me voy a atrever a grabar mi canción, solo que no se que debo hacer? Investigaré! 🤭🤣😅

Activo siempre con el amor.

Great, I'll work on the subject. Thanks music for steam.

I love this idea Don!
Let me get over this dreaded BAT🦇 FLU and then I'll create a an original love song.
DC 🙏

Hola que bien, me prepare gracias #musicforsteem

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