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Hello Friends & Fans!

WAAUWW. I can not say much else. The entries of Week 15 are absolutely mindblowing and we are delighted to see so many participants! Thank you!

Also, our deepest gratitude to team Steemit, thank you! Artists that have their performance for week 16 ready can already post their song. Tomorrow we announce the winner of Week 15!

MusicForSteem is a product of Steemingcurators. Join our discord: https://discord.gg/TF9mZcb as there is BIG news coming up!


Music For Steem is a weekly music contest on Steemit. Every week, artists from around the world are competing against each other to win STEEM. Stay Tuned

We have made a selection of finalists to present to you. You can NOW vote in the comment section!

These entries are now sent to the Jury members of the contest Music For Steem. We combine community votes with musicality to promote the winners.


1. @rodolfmandolina"Criollisima"

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2. @diegopadilla - "A La Una"

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3. @ydelitza- "Cuando me quieras"

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4. @anatolianwishdom "ESKİ GUNLER"

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5. @isha.ish - “Bhule jeo”

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6. @melor9 - "Todo me gusta de ti"

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7. @mariajruizb - "Cuándo te Beso"

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8. @artemis20 - “parvona ami charte toke”

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9. @keilyflow11 - "Un Canto a la Paz"

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10. @roy.sajib- "Purono Sei Diner Kotha"

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11. @esthersanchez - "Here with me"

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12. @cmp2020- "Pathetique Sonata"

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13. @danieldedosd2- "No es Igual Es Diferente"

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14. @ayoyemi- "LORD I LIFT YOUR NAME"

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I love this song!

Hey! That song is one of my favorites from Dido. As lovely as Thank You. Regards @esthersanchez. Voted

13/. @danieldedosd2- "No es Igual Es Diferente"


Fantastic rendition!

Excelente hijin!

I will vote for @roy.sajib, @esthersanchez , and @isha.ish.

I become a fan of @cmp2020's piano music.

Thank you very much @tarpan!!

 4 months ago (edited)

5/. @isha.ish - “Bhule jeo”

Hey @musicforsteem
I sang "Bhule jeo"
You wrote wrong ,, not "a million dreams"
Please check it.

Always with you :s I am so sorry, I am slapping someone as we speak

Thank you so much for always supporting me 😊😊❤️🙏 @musicforsteem

The girl with a sweet and beautiful voice <3

12/. @cmp2020- "Pathetique Sonata"

3/. @ydelitza- "Cuando me quieras"

genial como siempre!

Mi querido amigo qu elindo verte por acá, gracias por tu comentario, un abrazo. Tu también lo hiciste muy hermoso. 😘

Maravilloso amore, felicidades...

Gracias mi corazón, siempre allí conmigo, gracias..

Como siempre María excelente!

Gracias mi cuñis, un abrazo, prepárate para la 16.

Siempre imponente con tu fabulosa voz, tu hermosa presencia en escena y tu pasión al cantar.

Gracias mi bella por esa lindas palabras. 😘

un video genial y divertido!

Familia unida gracias a la música, maravilloso...

Excelente ensamble, le colocaron un toque de humor que me encantó.
Me recordaron un poco a Les Luthiers quienes mezclan el complejo mundo del canto polifónico con el humor.

Tu voz siempre dando la talla Gran trabajo hermano.

jejeje gracias máster

Un cuatrista y cantante de alto nivel.

Helo if i vote i can earn dividend??

Eski günler is amazing

You are a duo that gives a lot of good energy.
Your voice is beautiful!

14/. @ayoyemi- "LORD I LIFT YOUR NAME"

@ayoyemi Lord I lifft your name

Great performance of almost everyone! Really commendable. I will vote for @roy.sajib, @esthersanchez and @isha.ish.


You are welcome 😊

You are welcome.

Felicidades a los seleccionados de la semana, son excelentes, mi apoyo para @keilyflow11, exitos mi niña...
#onepercent #venezuela

Felicitaciones a todos los seleccionados, excelentes presentaciones, Dios les bendiga, Exitos...

After I have listened to all the entries, I decided to vote for our dear @ayoyemi Lord I lift your name

Vote for @isha.ish and @esthersanchez.. outstanding performance


Thank you @roy.sajib. I appreciate it!

Can i ask if i vote can i earn dividend ??

@steemcurator01 did not visit my musicforsteem first post. If @steemcurator01 visited my post, I was hopeful that my name would be on the list of these 15 members. I will try to perform better at musicforsteem Week 16, so that @steemcurator01 can visit and support my post. Thank you

Hello! Well done! I will follow the news!

[email protected] &[email protected] The two have sung very well, it is more difficult to touch anyone's heart without music. For that 1 point extra for no.5.

Good idea love

Just perfect 😊

OMG!!! do you make these kind of contest very offen? I hope you do.

Music works for steem

Anyone heard the new song of Blackpink????

lovesick girls?! yeah i do!

love it! listening with my Bose heaphone :) https://amzn.to/33DuzUt


I vote for 5/. @isha.ish - “Bhule jeo”

I am votting 10. @roy.sajib dada for "Purono Sei Diner Kotha" song .

Felicidades a todos los participantes y suerte...

To @Musicforsteem
Music is directly associated with human mind and emotions. When people are sad, alone they listen to music to sooth there mind just like when they are happy they celebrate the happiness in the charms of music. Many people can't stay quiet without listening songs by putting headphones in there ears. It's an ornament of human culture from aincent time till today. It
is an art.
You guys are doing great work.
By the way I am also an aspiring artist

wow! this fabulous i love the music vibes

Wow beautifull !! Excelent, good i love is song. <3

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The best song for steemit I have ever heard ,😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 awesome , regards from @mukulthakur

Apoyando el talento y haciéndolo conocer, me encanta. Sigan haciendo estas publicaciones, me gustan muchísimo. Amo la música y su contenido es genial, felicitaciones.

Music is everywhere! Nice to see rising singers in the world of music showing their talents here.

  1. @ydelitza- "Cuando me quieras"

Please help I from india

Excelente iniciativa de la comunidad @musicforsteem, mi voto es para @danieldedosd2 y @mariajruizb

Gracias @gilliatt pero el voto no se da por acá abajo sino en dónde están todos los participantes arriba... Saludos desde Cumaná Venezuela...

@danieldedosd2 ya yo vote donde era, el comentario es para dejar constancia, al zambo voy!!!

Very nice dude!

lord i lift your name

8/. @artemis20 - “parvona ami charte toke”

Hey! How can one submit stuff? Do you also take original music? Thanks!

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