Eid Azam means, The arrival of Noor Elahi

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"Eid Azam"
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Eid Azam means,
The arrival of Noor Elahi
Praise be to Allaah.
Eid Azam means,
In a free heart
Life in free form.


Eid Azam means, Hawke's announcement All scriptures are in the Vedas Eid Azam means, Absolute truth Knowledge is multiplied by knowledge.


Eid Azam means,
Great joy
The great truth of the great age,
Eid Azam means,
In full heart
Hobby of Salatu Salam.

Eid Azam means,
Great truth
Who lives in the ages,
Eid means Azam
Cancellation broker
Trash of Shia Kharijites.

Eid means Azam
Holy slogan
Hawk's full direction,
Eid means Azam
Bagi Moab
The great nightmare of the great age.


"" The sun of truth has risen Shia Khareji will be destroyed Shuna Yaya on 23rd September The call of the dark day Soldiers of Karbala Wake up now. Molkiyat's Kufr Medicanism You can't get it anymore, Bugi Moab will be pierced His soul. Humanity will return to the caliphate Listen to Kalemar Shan, In Medinatul Monwara Salatu salam I will fulfill my life. ""

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Amran Hossain Patwary

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