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He did not want to be a Pir.

Haqqani used to be very quiet in his childhood. Qutbul Alam Shah Syed Ghulam Rahman Esmati Prakash (Bara Hafez) of that era, under the deep supervision of Kebla Rahmatullah Alaih, mastered the Qur'anul Kareem and Hadith Sharif and became endowed with immense knowledge.


Syed Nizami Babajan Kabla used to worship in the love of Allah's Messenger. His father and elder brother Hafez Kebla urged him to accept the caliphate. Baba Nizamishah Kebla said that the people of today are not right, so he will not take this responsibility. Hazrat Syed Nizami Shah said, "My wish was to devote myself to human welfare in worship as well as in big good businessmen, big industries, pharmaceutical factories etc." But Abbajan Bara Hafez repeatedly started to seek the caliphate.

Nizami Shah is not taking anything. A few days later, Hazrat Shah Ghulam Rahman Esmati Rahmatullah Alaihe said, "Father, accept the caliphate. What is the great glory of the two saints? Nizami Baba Uore said to his father Murshid, "Dear Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), can't you tell me? If you tell me, you will see." Hazrat Esmati said, "Insha'Allah, you will say be patient."


Pir Haqqani-Oliye Rabbani Syed Nizami Shah Salatu Salam Zayarte Rawza Pak stood up and saw innumerable curtains unfolding one after another, at one stage of the situation saw the great entity of God Noor Pranadhik Priyanabi Basa-Priyanabi's right side Basa- Hazrat Esmati Bara Hafez Kebla directly complained to Priyanbi Kadam Mobar against his son Nizamishah Kebla. My child does not keep my word - he does not accept the caliphate. Allahu Akbar-Yarasullah - Sobhanallah wa Rasulihil Kareem.

After the order of Priyonabi, Gurshepak-Khazababa-Baba Shah Jalal and almost all the great Imam Ali's Murshids. This is not the end of what cannot be written. Jealous of his caliphate, Pir Shaitan B-Baria raised unacceptable words then.

I said thanks to Allah Habib
Babajan Kabla himself gave a brief account of his caliphate in a solemn environment in 2009. This is not surprising. True. Not written for unbelievers. It is only natural that opponents should be upset.

Thanks and Regards

Amran Hossain Patwary

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