Shia slander of Sunnis The kufr character of the Kharijites.

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The slander of the Sunnis is a reflection of the hatred of the Ahl al-Bayt (may Allah be pleased with them all).


In the light of the message, the Ahl al-Bayt and the caliphate are on the side of the Ahl al-Sunnah and their murderous enemy, the Moabite Aegis, the Ahl al-Sunnah, not the abrogated section.

It is the duty of faith, not Shiaism, to protest against the murder-oppression-Mulukiyat of the Moabite Ajids, the boundless destroyers of Islam till the Day of Resurrection, by overthrowing the caliphate of the murderous Companions and establishing the void Umayyad Mulukiyat.


Those who are in favor of Tawheed-Resalat-Ahl-e-Bayt-Khilafah and those who are in favor of the consensus of His Excellency Khulafa Rashedin and Maqbool Sahaba Keram Radi Allahu Anhum and those who are not Khilafah are Sunnis.

Shiaism was abolished due to the denial of three persons by His Excellency Kholafa Rashedin (may Allah be pleased with him) and due to various bad beliefs and distortions of Deen and Sharia.


Moab, the destroyer of Islam, is not the standard of Sunni, but the enemy of Sunni's overthrow.

The standard of truth is the enmity of the Holy Ahl al-Bayt (may Allah be pleased with them) and their love above life is a part of faith and their slavery is Islam.

The love of the Holy Ahl al-Bayt is an integral part of the love of the Merciful Allah and His Beloved Prophet (peace be upon him).

Sunni is the practice of the Ahl al-Bayt and Khilafah for the purpose of Tawheed.

Enmity towards the Holy Ahl al-Bayt (may Allah be pleased with them all) is direct enmity against Allah and His beloved Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

It is kufr to consider the enemies of the Holy Ahl al-Bayt as Muslims.

Mulukiyat kalema is the opposite of the Qur'an Deen and to consider the invalid Mulukiyat as Haqq is to deny kalema-Qur'an-deen as Kufr.

The Shia who slander the Sunni as proof of Bina harms Islam by helping the false Shia.

The one who slanders Sunni Shiism is the destructive enemy of Sunni.

The Sunni movement is the bearer of an uncompromising struggle against the abolition of Shiism and against all abolition.

In this age of Sunni movement, Aqeedah-Ideology-Spiritual-Political is the guide, holder and protector of the pure and complete trend of Sunni in all aspects.

Hatred against the Sunni movement False hostility to fight against Sunniism and to support the abolition of all.

May the curse of Allah be upon the false propagandists against Haq.

Thanks and Regards

Amran Hossain Patwary

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