#Steemhealth Contest-5 || Share Your Exercise Moments || 15 Steem Prize

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Friends, I hope everyone is well and healthy. We continue to make various efforts to keep the body and mind healthy and beautiful. One of these is regular exercise. Because exercise plays an important role in keeping both body and mind healthy. And during this Corona disaster, the opportunity to increase physical efficiency can be taken by not sitting at home all day.

Do you exercise regularly? If so, we invite you to take part in our new Steem Health Community Contest-5. Share your exercise moments to participate. We look forward to seeing your beautiful moments of exercise. Encourage others by sharing your exercise scenes and take the chance to win prizes.

Follow the Rules:

• Plagiarism is strictly prohibited & Follow the Rules of @steemitblog.
• Title: Share Your Exercise Moments || #Steemhealth Contest-5
• Make sure to post your entry through #steemhealth community.
• Invite 3 of your active friends to participate in the contest, also Resteem this Post.
• Share you exercise moments with 3 Photographs.
• This contest is open for everyone.
• Try to be more creative with the presentation style.
• Make your contest with at least 250 words.
• Must use tags #myexercise #exercisemoments #steemexclusive and your country ( #bangladesh for me)
• Share Your Post on Twitter/Facebook/Others social sides.
• Share Your Entry Link under this Post.
• Give your entry before or on 14 June 2021 Bangladesh Time.
• The Winner will be announced after 14 June 2021.


Total 15 Steem in prize pool

1st place= 5 steem
2nd place= 4 steem
3rd place= 3 steem
4th place= 2 steem
5th Place= 1 steem

Image by 👀 Mabel Amber, who will one day from Pixabay

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Gif Source- @stephenkendal

Thanks all.



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