Steem, Bitcoin & Ethereum Price Prediction | Daily 3 Steem Prize

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Day 7

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Price Prediction

The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile now. Its hard to even guess what the price will be in the next hour. In this contest, you have to predict the price of Bitcoin & Ethereum, the two giants of Crypto and our favorite Steem's price.


  • Comment the price below this post like this-
    BTC- 59000$
    ETH- 3300$
    STEEM- 0.999$

  • You have predict the price in USD with two decimals for BTC & ETH and three decimals for STEEM.

  • Edited comment won't be counted.

  • Must predict before 10:00 UTC, 09 May.

  • You have to predict what the price will be at 16:00 UTC, 09 May.

  • The final price will be counted from Coingecko website.

  • If none predicts the right price, the closest prediction will be the winner. If a same price is predicted more than once, the early predictor will become the winner.


There is 1 Steem for the winning prediction of each coin, hence the prize pool is 3 Steem. So, separate people can win prizes by predicting the price of any of those three coins correctly/precisely.

Time table for different timezones-

CountryDeadlinePrice Calculation
Bangladesh4:00 PM10:00 PM
India3:30 PM9:30 PM
Pakistan3:00 PM9:00 PM
Venezuela6:00 AM12:00 AM

Result of Yesterday

CoinPrice at 16:00 UTCClosest PredictionPredictor

Winners are going to get 1 Steem each as prize!

Attention: Time has been increased by one hour for both deadline and prediction time.


BTC- 60.001$
ETH- 3901$
STEEM- 1.251$

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Prizes are sent-


BTC 60100 $
ETH 3615 $
STEEM 1.27 $

 last month 

BTC- 60000$
ETH- 3500$
STEEM- 1.4$

BTC- 58890
ETH- 3831
STEEM- 1.280

 last month 

BTC- 59500$
ETH- 3500$
STEEM- 1.90$

 last month 

Steem at 1.90$ in a day? That is a wild prediction!

 last month 

BTC- 59900$
ETH- 3700$
STEEM- 1.65$

BTC- 57940$
ETH- 3640$
STEEM- 1.240$


Wow. it’s totally Great surprise for me because My prediction won again. I am so happy for this...

My new prediction :
BTC- 57950$
ETH- 3640$
STEEM- 1.250$




BTC- $ 58948
ETH- 3127 $
STEEM- $ 1.12

BTC- 58500$
ETH- 3600$
STEEM- 1.33$

 last month 

BTC- 58250$
ETH- 3900$
STEEM- 1.15$

Oh I missed it 😭

 last month 

Don't be sad, participate tomorrow!

 last month 

Mi prediccion

BTC- 55500 $
ETH- 3700 $
STEEM- 1.20 $


 last month 

You are a bit late, the deadline is over 😔.

 last month 

Estaré a atenta para la próxima. Gracias

 last month 

Suerte a todos amigos.

BTC 58300 $
ETH 3700 $
STEEM 1.12 $

 last month 

Sorry, the deadline is over. Its a daily contest, so participate in the next one!