Contest #3 : Your Childhood Memories || 15 steem prize pool

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"About The Contest"

When we think of the days of childhood, we feel an absolute happiness and satisfaction because childhood is a colorful chapter of our life. All of us are very eager to get back the days left by childhood. Today's contest is about "Your Childhood Memories".


  • You can write in any language.
  • All posts must be original.
  • Write at least 100 words.
  • You need to make your post in the "steem Bangladesh" community and make sure to leave the link of your entry post in the comment section of this post.
  • You can resteem this post and share your entry on the social media platform. (optional)
  • You can add as many photos as you want.
  • You can do as many entries as you want but no more than once per day.
  • Must use the #mychildhood-memories as one of your first 3 tags.
  • You can mention @boss75 in your post. (optional)


I will receive entries until 11:59 PM of July 25(GMT+6).

"Prize Pool"

1st place5
2nd place4
3rd place3
4th place2
5th place1

I am @boss75


Please @boss75 i need more clarification on this contest, you mean i can write about my child many times but ones a day or I should not post in steem Bangladesh more than 1 a day


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আপনাদের কন্টেস্ট গুলো আসলেই ইউনিক

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Nice contest vai

Holaa dejo por aquí mi participación en su hermoso concurso @boss75 y anexó el CAP que lo compartí en mi cuenta de Twitter

Good morning! Here I leave my participation for this wonderful contest, thank you very much!

Best regards.