Better Life with Steem 💒 I have made a Palace with cardboard for my princess 👸👸👸👸

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Assalamualaikum friends....
How are you all?
Really missed you all for several Time.

Today I will explain how I made a cardboard palace for my princess 👸 and the feelings of my child...


Smileing face of my Daughter Infront of my palace

How I made a Palace 💒 for my child?

My Palace for child front side💒

Backside view 💒

Making process 💒 :

Firstly I arrange some cardboard from my office.
Also need antricutter, scissor, Glue, hot glue gun, decoration paper, some decorating fabrics Led lights and small switch.

I have measured the length, height and width.
The length is 4 feet, height 5 feet and width is 4.5 feet.

Then I started to cutting the cardboard.
After cutting all of the pieces of cardboard now it's time to attach.
Firstly I attached the side wall with hot glue gun.
Then I attached the roof. After that I cutt over the door and the the window. I attached the front side extra shed.
Now it's time to making the base floor and attached. Then I covered the side wall with green wall paper and silver paper for roof.
I attached some led bulb on the roof and sidewall also and connect a switch to control the lights.
Ok done....
It's playing time for my child....


It's playing time


She liked her palace


Her smile is precious to me


It's magic time 👸👸👸

Today she was so happy for her palace and her feelings give a great pleasure to me.
I have worked hard to make this Palace 💒 but when my child says to me Papa you r great I have forgotten my tiredness.

Friends thanks a lot for reading my post.
Please give some time to your child and play some time with them. It's a mind-blowing chance to get happiness....❣️❣️❣️❣️

Thanks @taufiq777 to bring me this platform.
Now I can share my feelings to a huge quality full audience.

Also thanks to
For curating us.

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