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Assalamualaikum friends 👳
Hope all are well and in a sound health 💞
I am also fine by the grace of almighty Allah 🥀

Cover photo at Uttarkhan Uttara VCJG+HQ Dhaka

Today I spent a simple day..
Let's start the day.

Today morning I woke up from sleep at 8.00 am then I brushed my teeth and also took my breakfast 🥐.

Then started my day with my some online work.......


At 11.30am I moved to merket for bought some vegetables and fruits....

At 12.30 pm I came back and took a bath 🛀

Then I prayed my Johor prayer.
At 2 pm I took my Launch 😋

My launch at Uttarkhan Uttara VCJG+HQ Dhaka

In my launch I took Beef 🍖 and pulses.

Then I took some rest.

At 4.30 I prayed my Asar prayer then picked a photo of a flower....


Af 5.30 I prayed my Maghrib prayer.
Then I took a hand made breakfast 🥐
It's simple but tasty 😋.

It's called angoli

After finishing my breakfast 🥐 I moved outside for some business work...

A guest from Uttara he came to Uttarkhan to discuss a business related issues.
We talked 1 hour...

The gust with me at Uttarkhan Uttara VCJG+HQ Dhaka

After finishing the meeting a moved back to my house 🏡 at 9.00 pm

Then cleaned My hands and face.

My daughter wanted to saw a cartoon call chacha vhatija on my computer.
So what to do I also saw the cartoon with her...

Cartoon on my laptop.

At 10.00 pm I took my Dinner 🍲...
After finishing 🍲 Dinner I asleep.

Good night Dear all of my friends...


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Thanks a lot

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