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Hello Friends 👋👋👋
Hope Everyone is fine 😊.

Today I spent a busy day..

Let's start todays diary


Good morning My Steemit friends 🤗

Today morning I woke up from sleep at 8 am then I quickly brushed my teeth and took breakfast 🥐


My breakfast 🥐 at Uttarkhan Uttara VCJG+HQ Dhaka

In my breakfast I took Ruti and Beef 🍖

At 9.00 am I started some online work.


My computer Uttarkhan Uttara VCJG+HQ

I have worked till 12.00 pm then I turned off my computer.

Today was Friday and this day is my cleaning day😞😞😞😞😞
Everyday my wife clean all the house 🏡 but Friday is my turn 😞
So I cleaned our two toilet and also full house 🏡 within 1 hour.

At 1.00 pm I quickly took a bath 🛀 and prepared for Jomma Salat....


My preparation for prayer at Uttarkhan Uttara VCJG+HQ Dhaka

In my prayer I prayed to my God Allah please keep us save from coronavirus and also keep us from other hazards......

At 2.00 pm I took my Launch 😋


My launch at Uttarkhan Uttara VCJG+HQ Dhaka

Today's launch was simple but delicious and healthy toooooo........

At 4 pm I got ready for visiting my client at Tongi station Road...

At 4.15 I moved quickly to Abdullahpur Uttara


Abdullahpur Uttara VCJG+HQ Dhaka

The time was 5.00 pm when I reached at Tongi station Road.
My client told me to wait for some time he was coming.....


Waiting time at Tongi station Road VCV2+6V

At 5.10 my client reached to me 💓
We are tea and some cakes.
We talked about many business related issues till 6.00pm..
Then he said to goodbye to me.

Then I moved towards to my home 🏡 ...
I took Brtc bus and reached at Abdullahpur.

Then I picked up a Auto reksha to Uttarkhan Uttara.

At 7.00 pm I reached at home 🏡.
Then I quickly cleaned up my hands and faces.
Then my wife give me a cup of tea 🍵.

Then I keep me busy at work till 10 pm .
Then my wife served to me my Dinner 🍲.

That was my today's activities,
Thanks all for reading my diary.

Please please please keep following me 🥀
Support me 🥀
And Upvhote me 🥀


 5 months ago 

সুন্দর পোস্ট ভাই। আবার diary game এ জয়েন করার জন্য ধন্যবাদ।

 5 months ago (edited)

You are most welcome 🥀🥀
Keep me in your best support 🥀🌱🥀

 5 months ago 

Twitter is on 🌱🌱🌱🌱

 5 months ago 


Hi @emranhasan your post has been upvoted by @steem-bangladesh courtesy of @sm-shagor


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