Compilation of Ongoing Contests on Steemit 🏆 30 August 2021 🏆

in Steem Bangladesh3 months ago

Hello! Steemians, How is everyone?

Today I will share with you 22 ongoing contests links on Steemit updated 30 August, 2021 . I hope you will participate in all the contests and earn a lot of rewards.

Here the contests are sorted by category and date. The longest-running contest is at the top of the category.


Designed by @masumrbd








If the link to a contest is missing, don't forget to let me know in the comment section below. I will add this to the content.

That's all I got for this week's contest participation. I hope this compilation will be helpful for you. Which contest do you like most, let me know in the comment section below.

Best Regards,


Muy buena recopilación de concursos amigo @masumrbd gracias

 3 months ago 

Welcome friend.

Muchísimas gracias por el apoyo.

Hasta la próxima...

 3 months ago 


Wao amazing and interesting contests I will participate.

Hola amigo, como cada semana buena recopilacion de Actividades 👍

 3 months ago 

Thanks friend.

Thank you so much @masumrbd for helping me especially on these contest informations
I’ll definitely try them
But I love sky photography Challenge which is about to end on the 2nd of September 2021.

Que bueno presentar variedad de concursos muchas gracias

 3 months ago 

You are most welcome.

Hello @masumrbd please i need to be verified

 3 months ago 

You must first be verified in the Steem Bangladesh community.

To be verified, first upload a video on YouTube or any Video sharing platform, say your username and your idea about Steem Bangladesh in 2-3 lines. Then make a post on Steem Bangladesh community, mention one of our Admin, Mod you may mention me.


Okay thank you for that

I have shared the video on YouTube

 3 months ago 

Make a post in the Steem Bangladesh community with the link to your video.

Hello sir @masumrbd happy Monday good morning i have make the post but i have not be verified

 3 months ago 

Tnx all

 3 months ago 

❤️Thank you

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