Spotlight on Huobi Challenge- {Review of Huobi Global Part-1}

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How is everyone? Hope everybody is doing well. Today I will discuss with you an important website called Huobi Global. Here's how you can signup on this website. We will then discuss Huobi Global in detail.

About Huobi

Huobi is a Seychelles-based cryptocurrency Exchange, Which was founded in the year 2013 in China by Leon Li. In August 2018 it became a publicly listed Hong Kong company. Following a 2017 ban on Bitcoin exchanges by the Chinese government, Huobi stopped Bitcoin withdrawals. Huobi China continues to operate as a blockchain consulting and research platform. In March 2018, Huobi processed around US $1 billion in trades daily

So let's start with the details of how to access this website and how to sign up for huobi. The most important thing is that you can earn $170 by following some procedures from this website.

First you have to type huobi sign up in google. Then you will sign up to their website.


Then after clicking sign up you will be shown the option first. Then you select your country. Then enter your email id then you will see a strong password that you will never forget. Then click the sign up button below with agree.


You will then be given some options to verify whether you are a robot. Then after you click there you will be taken to the next step.


Then you will be given some images which you have selected correctly and go to the next option.


Then a verification code will be sent to the email id you used and you will have to replace it with the verification code that it brings.


You will then be able to successfully register and then enter [Huobi Global] ( with the gmail ID and password you provided. Then you will first see the image below. Where you get regular BTC updates. It will be completely live.


After you click on the Get $ 170 option, a page like this will appear. You can earn $ 170 from here if you do everything they are told to do by locking everything in the procedure.


After entering the website, you will first see the text Huobi Global. Then when you click there you will see BTC, ETH, HT, XRP, LTC all USDT MARKET, PRICE, CHANGE (24H), CHART (24H), TRADE. From here you can buy all these coins. When you click Buy, it will take you to the Direct Spot trading option and from there you will be able to sell at the current price.



That's all for today. I will discuss some more important issues in my Part 2. Those are

  • Buy Crypto
  • Markets
  • Spot Trading
  • Derivatives
  • Wealth Management
  • The ecological services of huobi group
  • Balances
  • Orders

50/50 for 200% power up.

Thank you

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