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Hello friends,
My name is #nadimmahmud.I opened this community.
![ that today I will introduce you to a community that is for the benefit of the people. The name of the community is #charityfoundation. A week ago I helped some people from my cricket club. From there, I wanted to open this charity foundation. I have seen that @stremcurator01 is very happy to help people. And if this community is opened, many poor people, street children and free food will be provided. Those who have a community to help in other countries can also get some financial support for their community by joining various contests here. I hope this community will benefit a lot from people from different countries who work to help people for free. I urge @steemcurator01 to fully support this community.
With whom I am requesting the country representatives and moderators of different countries and this community to .

I hope this community will help many poor people. I hope you all get help in this community.
Thanks all

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There are still many poor people in our country. They spend their days with great difficulty. A few days later winter. At that time people are in a lot of trouble. You have taken a very good initiative. Many will be inspired to see you. I hope many will come forward.

I send you 10 steem for your great work
#twopercent #affable #bangladesh

 last year 

You are right brother. The condition of the poor people of our country is very bad in winter. They lack plenty of accommodation and winter clothing. Even during this corona period, many people live without food. Many are unable to find work for Corona. I hope through this community I will try to help some poor people.

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Good job