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Hello friends, I am @rabibulhasan71 today I and I have appeared among you with the first ten pictures of my city.



I shared with you a beautiful picture of a new 10 storey building in our city which was completed a few days ago.




There is no building in Bogra in a beautiful canopied building next to Bogra Tinmatha Railgate. I shared with you a picture of this beautiful canopied building.




For the purpose of giving pictures of this place, the work on this road has not been completed yet. Activities on this road have been going on for several days but have not ended.




I came to buy food in front of a shop and took the picture. This shop is located some distance from my house. The name of our stand is Bogra Mahila College. I took this picture from a shop of Bogra Mahila College.




This is my friend's house. I called him in the afternoon to go for a walk with you. He asked me to come in front of his house. I took a picture of his house and shared it with you.




Our uncle is much older than us but his relationship with us as a friend is free with everything I do with him we do everything together.




A brief description of what people can do to put rice in their mouths twice a day. This man is separating paper polythene from garbage and by selling them he will give two handfuls of rice to his stomach and put the rice in the mouth of his family.




I shared with you a picture of the river Karatoya, an old river in Bogra, from a Chinese restaurant. It is known from the people that long ago ships arrived on this river which were used by the members of the royal family. And it is a fact that the king had to come here from Mahasthangarh in Bogra and the king used to travel this way by ship in the river.




Matidali Biman Junction in Bogra city which is known as city bypass junction where cars can be found from anywhere in Bangladesh and 24 hours car from anywhere in Bangladesh.




There is a beautiful work next to Bogra momo in this tree has lighting system which looks nice at night. My heart breaks when I go out at night with friends and while I was there I collected this photo that I shared with you.


I shared ten pictures of my town with you and I shared these pictures. This is my first post because the camera of my mobile phone was not good. The camera was not good. Of course, you will see in the eyes of forgiveness, thank you, everyone will be fine, Assalamu Alaikum