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Hello friends, I am @rabibulhasan71 I hope everyone is well. I am also happy with your prayers. Today, like yesterday, I have appeared among you with ten pictures of my city. Forgive me for the mistakes in my post, so let's get started, friends. In this post I will tell you about two VIP schools in Bogra and the names of the schools are Battalion School and Biam Model School.



It is Biam Model School. VIP students study here. They do not lack money. They study in this school and those who lack money may not get a chance in this school.




Devil in a crazy club taking pictures of the inside of our club house next to Biam Model School.




Battalion School, located next to Biam School, is a VIP school known as Police Battalion School. You can join the military by going to school and it is considered as a police battalion. I took a picture of the Battalion School Between ticket. This is the gate of the main school.




It is the third gate of the school in the battalion and there is an army checkpost here.




The third gate of the Battalion School which looks like the second gate is also an army checkpost. Public access is prohibited here.




A dab seller is selling dabs in the hockey turn area of ​​our Bogra city.




We hang out with friends in front of Nurjahan Restaurant.




We had a little fight with a bike parked in front of Nurjahan restaurant.




We each ate a burger at Nurjahan restaurant and this time we shared a picture of the car with you. It was a chicken burger and it was very nice.




Our central bus terminal was once there and I shared a picture of the terminal with you. It is very crowded here. Passengers from all over Bangladesh travel by car from here to their destination. We hang out at the bus terminal in our free time, but today we went to the terminal for some work.

Here are ten pictures of my city that I shared with you today. I like it. Please comment. You will see the forgiveness of mistakes. Thank you. All will be well. Assalamu Alaikum.


All the pictures are beautiful and burger looks delicious 🌺

great work. Keep supporting

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