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Normal Morning

This morning was very normal. The last day, the body was tired, so the sleep was very long. I wake up in the morning and browse STEEMIT . I checked to see if anyone was commenting on my post. I woke up in the morning and freshened up. I brushed my teeth. After brushing my teeth, I went to the dining table and prepared to eat. Then I took food.

After eating, I went back to bed and got some rest because I didn't get enough sleep last night. I was getting a lot of sleep. I review some posts and I put them here with a little idea about them to find out some of their errors and correct them.

I haven't seen videos on Facebook for a long time. When I watch videos on Facebook, time passes in a very good way. Because there are a lot of funny videos coming out one after the other and I keep watching. It costs me a lot of megabytes when I enter here. That's why I don't always come here.

Today I have a lot of discussions with @tarpan Bhai and @toufiq777 Bhai about our Bangladesh community. We talk on our mobile phones. We make decisions and discuss how to move the community forward. Today we discussed in a few steps and the reason for each discussion was about steem.

Today is Friday. Muslims have a weekly important prayer on Fridays. I decided to prepare for the prayers and took a bath. After taking a bath, I saw my mother cooking. From there I ate rice with some curry. Then I gave Runa for the purpose of prayers.

Lovely Moment

I came home after prayers. Some time later while I was lying in bed my wife showed me some old things. Which I gave her as a gift long ago. She carefully kept them to herself and showed them to me a long time later. I am sharing with you a picture of one of them.


I was really happy to see my wife take care of my gift. I gave this gift to my wife 2 years ago. Even the most interesting thing is that, six years ago i gave him a letter to propose. that letter is still good conditions . But another interesting thing is that the handwriting of those letters was so bad that my wife was laughing when she saw them.

In this way the time of noon is cut off. And when the afternoon comes, a friend of mine calls me to go out of the house and we go to the market together. I went to the market and did some shopping and bought ice cream for my sister's son and my wife's younger sister. Bought a total of five ice creams. With ice cream we hurried back home and gave ice cream to everyone. Everyone had a lot of fun eating ice cream and when the night got dark everyone was having a lot of fun. Was talking. But I quickly went to bed to sleep. I was getting a lot of sleep. I was very tired. Thus the day passed.

All rewards for this post will be 100% power up. I want to help all new users by getting 10,000 power. Hope ,one day i will do that.Thanks

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Good Bye Everyone.



Bro Fix these Mistakes 😶


This is power of google translator 😅 ..


Que hermosos recuerdos familiares, son un bonito matrimonio

Thanks bro,

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Good work bro

Thank you for taking part in The Diary Game on Steem.

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