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Assalamualaikum, everyone.


When I woke up in the morning, the first thing I did was go to the wash room.Then I brushed my teeth.After brushing my teeth I would take a short walk.After a short walk I rested a bit.Then I finished breakfast at half past eight in the morning.When I went out for a walk after breakfast, I saw the sun rising beautifully in the sky.It was a really great moment.

sunrise ⛅
[7R8C+W5 Chowbari Chokdoi]


As the sun rose I prepared to dry some yarn outside.After drying the yarn, I came home and sat for a while. I sat on Facebook for a while.After running Facebook for a while, I started making work tat saris.

Our yarn factory:
[7R8C+W5 Chowbari Chokdoi]


At the beginning of the work I saw two workers working. Then I went and started working.I worked for a while.Today I have made a new period sari.The saree is made with a very nice design.

New color sari:
[7R8C+W5 Chowbari Chokdoi]


Anyway, I continued to work like this till noon.Then I got ready to take a bath.After taking a bath, I massaged my body with oil in a beautiful way.Then I performed ablution and performed Zuhr prayers.After the prayers I ate lunch.After lunch I rested for a while.Then I walked outside.Then I worked again until three in the afternoon.Then I finished work and saw at home that my younger brother had caught a lot of fish.

Today my younger brother hunted these fish.
[7R8C+W5 Chowbari Chokdoi]


I took pictures of the fish.Anyway then I performed the Asr prayers.After the Asr prayers, I walked along the road.Then I came home before evening and performed ablution.Then I went to the mosque to offer Maghrib prayers.After the prayers, I came home and used Facebook for a while.
Then I ate dinner at eight o'clock at night and fell asleep.

That's how my day ended.Thanks everyone for reading my diary in full.

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