Share with us how you want to keep your family happy

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The importance of family in the way of life is immense. No one can deny it. You share with us about your family and how you want to keep them happy. Share what you plan to do with your family and how to make them happy. You can share the happy and sad moments of the family. And share with us about your family members.


Some Ruels

  • Of course your writing must be your own.(You must enter at least 150 words)

  • You must share your family picture here or a picture (your art) about family.

  • You can participate in this competition from any country.

  • Tag use( #myfamily and yourcountry for example #bangladesh or #India)Add at least five tags.

  • Your post must be done @steem-bangladesh community.

  • You share your post on social media (Twitter, Facebook or others). It is not mandatory.

  • Duration this contest: (19/12/2020 to 25/12/2020) According to your country's time.

{Your posts will be up vot(20%to65%) from Steem Bangladesh Community Account according to your post quality.}


Prize pool

1st place5.00
2nd place3.00
3rd place2.25
4rt place1.50




See you soon.

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 4 months ago 


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Hola amigo @sm-shagor! Excelente concurso me encanta! Ya me prondré al tanto con ello para realizarlo lo más pronto posible!

Saludos @leyxi209!

 4 months ago 

Thank you.

This is a very good topic, I would love to write about this ,I will definitely participate in it.
Thanks for organising this...💐

This is my entry, please click here

Time is the best gift for a family so spend more time with family members

 4 months ago 

Point no. 2 is preventing me to take part in this contest. I don't want to share my son and wife's image on the internet. That's my philosophy.

May the best contestant win.

 4 months ago 

Even if you don't share pictures of your wife and child. You can share art.( Family related art)

 4 months ago 

I can't do art brother. If I can share from the internet, I can try though :)

Hello friend @sm-shagor! Here my participation of this nice contest I hope you like it!

Greetings and good luck to all @leyxi209

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