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There are many new and old users of steem. who have a plan with steem. Share your plan with us.How you want to work with steem in the future. Share what you want to invest in steem in the future. Also share how you promote Steem. And share how you invite new people to steem. Any of your plans with steem you can share with us.

Some Ruels

  • Of course your writing must be your own.(You must enter at least 200 words)

  • (My future plans with steem) Create a steem logo with this word. Or you create an art.

  • You can participate in this competition from any country.

  • Tag use( #myplanwithsteem and yourcountry for example #bangladesh or #India)Add at least five tags.

  • Your post must be done @steem-bangladesh community.

  • You share your post on social media (Twitter, Facebook or others). It is not mandatory.

  • Duration this contest: (12/12/2020 to 17/12/2020) According to your country's time.

{Your posts will be up vot(20%to65%) from Steem Bangladesh Community Account according to your post quality.}

Prize pool

1st place5.00
2nd place3.00
3rd place2.25
4rt place1.50


See you soon.

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Hola amigo @sm-shagor! Una pregunta, puedo utilizar una imagen creada por mí en Power Point para el concurso?? Excelente concurso!

Saludos @leyxi209!

 4 months ago 

Si por supuesto que puedes usarlo gracias.

Esta bien amigo, muchas gracias! Y puedo hacerla en español o la escribo en inglés???

Saludos @leyxi209!

 4 months ago 

Your entry has been accepted.

Thanks 😊👍

Hello good evening friend @sm-shagor! Here my participation in this wonderful contest, I hope you like it!

I invite my friends @luiyi-22, @cachetes-27 and @aularluis.

Greetings and good luck to all @leyxi209!

 4 months ago 

Your ant has been accepted.

Thanks you!

 4 months ago 

Your ant has been accepted.

 4 months ago 

Thank you.

 4 months ago (edited)

Your entry has been accepted

You have been upvoted by @toufiq777 A Country Representative from BANGLADESH we are voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator07 account to support the newcomers coming into steemit.

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There are also various contest is going on in steemit, You just have to enter in this link and then you will find all the contest link, I hope you will also get some interest,

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Your entry has been accepted.

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