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Hello Everyone

As you know we announced some changes in top post selection. We added 10 topics. So we are going to start from today. Today's post topic is My Town in Ten Pics. We will select top 5 posts from this topic. Hope everyone will do their best.



My Town in Ten Pics


  • Make a post with up to 10 photos that you have taken of any place, building or location from your area.

  • These don't need to be of famous buildings or tourist locations. They can be of anything - shops, streets, factories, parks, factories, temples, cinemas, schools...

  • Every photograph must have a caption to say what and where it is.

  • If you want to include a few words of added description that is fine.

  • Each photograph must be geo-located using either Google Plus Codes or What3Words, or ideally both.

  • Post must be original.

  • Everyone has to pay 8% beneficiaries in steem-bangladesh community account and 2% @bd-charity account

  • must include 1st tag #bd-tenpics, 2nd tag #steemexclusive and 3rd tag #steem-bangladesh

  • Must post before 10.59pm on June 12. Posting after 10.59pm will not be granted

Post Courtesy: @toufiq777



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Hola ya para mi es tarde publicar esperare la proxima ronda , pero quiero que me expliquen por que esto:

Todo el mundo tiene que pagar un 8% de los beneficiarios en steem-Bangladesh cuenta de la comunidad y el 2% @ BD-caridad cuenta

Que dicen es OBLIGATORIO?

 3 months ago 

Yes it's mandatory.