Fashion Photography Challenge | 10 Steem Prize Pool

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Fashion photography is a genre of photography which is devoted to displaying clothing and other fashion items. Fashion photography is most often conducted for advertisements or fashion magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, or Elle. Fashion photography has developed its own aesthetic in which the clothes and fashions are enhanced by the presence of exotic locations or accessories.


  • Topic - Fashion Photography

  • You need to make your post in the steem Bangladesh community

  • You have to added your post link in comment

  • Entries must be original work - No Plagiarism

  • Only pictures need to be shared

  • The last time this contest is on June 17 at 8 pm Bangladesh time.


1st place2.5 STEEM
2nd place1.5 STEEM
3rd place1 STEEM
4th place1 STEEM
5th place0.5 STEEM
6th place0.5 STEEM
7th place0.5 STEEM
8th place0.5 STEEM
9th place0.25 STEEM
10th place0.25 STEEM
11th place0.25 STEEM
12th place0.25 STEEM
13th place0.15 STEEM
14th place0.15 STEEM
15th place0.15 STEEM
16th place0.15 STEEM
17th place0.10 STEEM
18th place0.10 STEEM
19th place0.10 STEEM
20th place0.10 STEEM

Thank you


Hi @steem-bangladesh, hope you are well.

I am a bit confused, is it a contest of fashion photography or just for portrait?

If it is a fashion contest, will portrait contestants be eligible for a prize?

Many thanks for setting up a contest!

Esta es mi participación en este concurso.

La Luz de mis Ojos

Janny Luz.jpg

La mejor moda el pequeño de la casa

For Such kind of contests where to only share the photography, you can ask to submit the photography only in the comment because a post only for a photograph is odd looking. Its a blogging platform, not image share. I hope you have got my point. @steem-bangladesh

Hola aquí mi entrada


Mi mejor modelo, mi nieta.♥️

Hello Steemians. Here my entry this Week. Hope you like it.


Greetings 🌼🤗

Excelente concurso...invito @alkaidbmw a que participe

 3 months ago 

Hola, esta es mi participación para el concurso.


Grateful to @steembangladesh for such a dynamic Contest, here I leave you:

My participation

Agradecida con @steembangladesh por tan dinámico Concurso, acá les dejo:

Mi participación



Hola saludos a todos . Dios los bendiga
. Acá en este desafío te envío mi enlace

 3 months ago 

Mi participación Muchas Gracias.

Hello Everyone
I want to share my fashion withHello Steemians!

Today I want to show you this lovely photo of my self and my friends, in this contest Fashion Photography Challenge created by @steem-bangladesh.

Thanks for going through my post

Hola @Steem-Bangladesh no encontré el resultado de este concurso...pudieran enviarme el link de los resultados, por favor...