Food Photography Challenge | 10 Steem Prize Pool

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Food photography is the art of clicking images of various food items in manner that makes it immediately appealing to the viewers. The food photographers need to pay attention to not only the proper arrangement of the food but also the context in which it is to be presented to get the best shots.


  • Topic - Food Photography

  • You need to make your post in the steem Bangladesh community

  • You have to added your post link in comment

  • Entries must be original work - No Plagiarism

  • Only pictures need to be shared

  • The last time this contest is on June 15 at 8 pm Bangladesh time.


1st place2.5 STEEM
2nd place1.5 STEEM
3rd place1 STEEM
4th place1 STEEM
5th place0.5 STEEM
6th place0.5 STEEM
7th place0.5 STEEM
8th place0.5 STEEM
9th place0.25 STEEM
10th place0.25 STEEM
11th place0.25 STEEM
12th place0.25 STEEM
13th place0.15 STEEM
14th place0.15 STEEM
15th place0.15 STEEM
16th place0.15 STEEM
17th place0.10 STEEM
18th place0.10 STEEM
19th place0.10 STEEM
20th place0.10 STEEM

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Hola, esta es mi participación para el concurso.

Suerte a todos!!

Great contest. i well attend this contest

This is an amazing contest, God willing, I will enter it

thank you

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Hola amigos, aquí mi participación.


Espertacular concurso

Hola @steem-bangladesh esta es mi participación


(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥@nairasayd1208
Gracias por ver mi publicación!!

And now I am hungry :) Here is my entry for this yummy contest. Good luck to all!