We've touched the new milestone.

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We are very happy today. At the beginning of the year we touched a new milestone. It got a lot bigger for us. Just 3 months ago we started activities to increase the power of the community. In this short span of time we have received 50,000+ steem power delegations. Thanks to all the delegators of our steem Bangladesh community. With the combined efforts of all, we have been able to reach 50,000 power.

In order to achieve 1 lakh power in 3 months:

A delegation contest was organized from the community last week. The main goal of this contest is to make everyone interested in the delegation. I believe that if every user in our community gets good quality support, It will not take long to achieve 1 lakh power.

The current voting capacity of the community:
At present the voting value of 1 100% weight is $0.50.
If we can get 1 lakh power, our voting value will be $1.0. 10 100% weight votes can be cast every day. Then we will be able to vote for a total of $10. [According to current calculations]

So far a total of 49 users have delegated. Their names and the amount of sp and delegation date are given in the table below.

1@toufiq77711,0002021-01-04, 00:34
2@rex-sumon4,0062020-12-20, 22:10
3@boss753,4502021-01-03, 23:05
4@sm-shagor3,0342020-12-23, 12:03
5@nevlu1233,0012021-01-02, 17:18
6@eh-shohag2,4032020-12-23, 08:10
7@nahidhasan232,2402021-01-03, 23:29
8@tarpan2,0012020-12-26, 13:39
9@rasel721,7012020-12-27, 16:20
10@sohanurrahman1,4202021-01-03, 23:30
11@saany1,0512020-12-24, 11:50
12@mazedulislammasu1,0052021-01-03, 22:55
13@sabbirrr1,0012020-12-23, 12:11
14@sandysparkle1,0012020-12-24, 20:17
15@emon42851.1892020-12-22, 21:44
16@sumon02744.1332021-01-02, 13:56
17@msharif600.4342020-12-28, 19:29
18@ns-porosh600.4322021-01-03, 20:26
19@cryptokannon505.2102020-10-06, 13:43
20@sshila501.2222020-12-13, 17:02
21@sobuj28500.8202020-12-28, 07:51
22@ajeemon430.0172021-01-03, 18:57
23@shajj400.3822020-12-26, 18:48
24@roy.sajib300.5682020-12-18, 13:01
25@mdshanto276.7772020-12-10, 11:12
26@nadimmahmud250.4062020-12-20, 22:18
27@sneha2006158.0042021-01-03, 22:02
28@rokonn150.1302020-12-27, 13:59
29@sahadathossen101.0422020-12-26, 23:31
30@md-raju101.0422020-12-26, 22:10
31@sajjadsohan100.1052020-12-25, 22:29
32@hafiz34100.0122021-01-03, 01:32
33@sohag01100.0042021-01-03, 18:26
34@sumon01100.0042021-01-03, 19:38
35@art-bangladesh50.5212021-01-03, 16:03
36@ashik33350.5212020-12-24, 09:52
37@salehindostagir50.5212020-12-05, 14:07
38@hafizullah50.521 0.0962020-11-21, 18:57
39@jahid197150.0302020-12-29, 20:42
40@razuahmed50.0262020-12-30, 12:17
41@imran1540.0172021-01-03, 20:19
42@abuahmad30.0732020-12-13, 16:57
43@alaraf20.2082020-12-28, 23:58
44@mdsamad20.2082020-12-20, 15:57
45@mahirabdullah20.2082020-12-18, 12:33
46@rabibulhasan7120.2082020-11-26, 10:51
47@rajib83320.2082020-11-18, 12:23
48@kim34315.0022021-01-03, 03:56
49@aktarabegum10.0002021-01-03, 23:33

Post Courtesy: @rex-sumon



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That indeed a great achievement. Way to go.

@toufiq777 vai is the great leader leading from the front line. Great job.

 6 months ago 

Thank you

 6 months ago 

This is really good news for all of us. I've just joined. Inshallah I also participate in the Delegation. Hopefully soon there will be 100k steempower of #steem-bangladesh community.

 6 months ago 

Finally, 50000 sp achieved!!! Great to see. It's like a new year gift. My pleasure is to contribute 3450 sp of 50000 sp. I have already published a post about my delegation. It took three months to reach 50k. Hopefully we will reach 100k more faster.

 6 months ago 

This is a great achievement for Bangladeshis. This was achieved through the hard work of the country representatives(@tarpan , @rex-sumon & @toufiq777) . I would like to convey my best wishes and congratulations to all.

 6 months ago 

Thank you

 6 months ago 

This is really good news for us. Hope all the members of @steem-bagladesh will be very active and stay with regular steemit.com. Many thanks for sharing the update with us.