📷#TheDairyGame 20210420 From sunrise to the mural before sunset | 从日出到日落前看到的壁画😎(by @ace108)

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A good morning 🌄 to go to office although Tuesday is not my usual go to workplace day. The sun is a little brighter than yesterday.

🎶Meanwhile, some music for you to enjoy as you read. This piece is part of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, particular the first of the 4 violin concertos, called Spring.
🎶让大家继续读的时候,欣赏一点音乐。这件作品是维瓦尔第的“四季”的一部分 - 4小提琴协奏曲中的第一首,名为“春天”。
Source | 来源: https://musopen.org/

Source | 来源: https://musopen.org/music/2213/antonio-vivaldi/the-four-seasons/
I got a shot of the Burmese temple as the bus went down the flyover. Hope all is well for the people in Myanmar.

Good morning, ladies and .... gentlemen too.We are going into a month with a few days of holiday soon. Not may but May. 😎

Lunch was at Hong Lim Food Centre again.This curry chicken noodle occupies 3 stall.

Their cheapest portion is 5 bucks.

I decided to have the $6 one because I am going out for meeting after work tonight.

Went to Queenstown Sports Centre to meet with sports volunteers group. This mural outside the swimming pool is fantastic.

Inside the stadium before the meeting, I caught a bit of the sunset. 😎
在会议开始前再球场内,我捕抓到夕阳。 😎

[//]:# (!pinmapple 1.296958 lat 103.802917 long Queenstown Sports Centre d3scr)
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Beautiful sunset, looks like a street lamp at night 😍

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