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Hello there everybody, I trust you all having a brilliant day?
Today, I need to impart to you my #1 programming language(Arduino programming using a C++ programming language). Right off the bat, I might want to say that I am a third-year student of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Nigeria. I'm studying Telecommunication engineering.

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When I basically just got my admission i.e my first year, have always been so enthusiastic about learning further on Arduino programming since have been engaged in other programming languages before then I practically practice BASIC HTML and CSS which I also find intriguing for my first website, Then I was introduced to Arduino programming as one of my core course (DCS101:Inroduction to Arduino programming) a borrowed course from Computer science, only the presentation part of software engineering and afterward, in my first year, I was taught my first programming language C++. At the point when we began with that course, I was so open to learning it and I comprehended it quite well. I went gaga for it increasingly more each time I learn it and practice it with my PC framework.

My tutor utilizes An integrated development environment(IDE) which is programming for building applications that consolidates normal designer instruments into a solitary graphical UI (GUI) called Arduino IDE which he additionally encouraged us to use in coding C++ programs. He utilizes Arduino IDE, and I love utilizing it also.

Fundamental information on Arduino

Arduino is an open-source gadgets stage dependent on simple to-utilize equipment and programming. Arduino sheets can understand inputs - light on a sensor, a finger on a catch, actuating an engine, turning on a LED, distributing something on the web REFERENCE. Arduino code is written in C++ with an expansion of exceptional strategies and capacities, which I will specify later on. C++ is a comprehensible programming language. At the point when you make a 'sketch' (the name given to Arduino code records), it is handled and gathered to machine language.


How does Arduino IDE work?

The Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is the principal word processing program utilized for Arduino programming. It is the environment where you'll type up your code before transferring it to the board you need to program. The Arduino board is associated with a PC through USB, where it interfaces with the Arduino Integrated development environment (IDE). The client composes the Arduino code in the IDE, then, at that point transfers it to the microcontroller which executes the code, collaborating with information sources and yields like sensors, engines, and lights. The fundamental elements of Arduino are two required capacities in an Arduino sketch which are setup() and loop().

The Arduino Integrated Development environment image depicted below

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My so far experience with Arduino

It is extremely simple for me to code with C++ and I appreciate this is because when coding, I feel like I am speaking with the actual application. It is very fun also, particularly when utilizing the variables and the #defines, and so forth orders.

The grammar of C++ is extremely simple to utilize and entirely justifiable, for me writing computer programs is truly a good time without a doubt and I truly love programming with C++. Such countless people in the office consider Java To be the least demanding, yet for me, I truly love utilizing C++ and it is truly fun coding with it.

On occasion utilizing circle, explanations are confounding, however, I take as much time as is needed while considering and taking youtube instructional exercises to learn them. I truly appreciate and comprehend circles proclamations, particularly when perusing them from another code. I feel like previously speaking with the application similarly as I had before said.

Although Java is an Object Oriented Programming language, I actually love to utilize C++ more and I'm truly fulfilled utilizing it. Dislike I don't care for utilizing Java, yet as I began with C++, I simply love the amazing way it works. There are numerous applications on the web, even gadgets in our homes that are written in Java, so I'll likewise learn or have some more thought of the Java programming language later in the future.

To give a more detailed explanation, I will make an example to this post where I will make a basic Arduino program for LED(light dependant resistor) fade on the Arduino ide.

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Conclusion:Taking all things together, I will very much want to say that C++ is still my #1 programming language which I will much oblige you to pursue as well.
Thank you for participating in my post!! I hope to write more on Arduino soon.
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