About MY Favourite Programming Language

Being a student of computer science I have very much interest in different technologies. I have studied many programming languages like C, C++, JAVA, Python, PHP, Javascript. Also studied several frameworks of them. But among all of those programming languages, my favorite is JAVA. Maybe it was my first love that’s why I like it the most. Though I have fallen in love with JAVA because of its high quality like robustness, security, and platform-independent.

I am going to share about my favorite programming language (JAVA) with some questions and answering those questions. Hope I will be able to share my little knowledge about JAVA with my fellow friends.

Q1. What is JAVA?

Ans: Java is a high-level programming language and a platform. From a programming language perspective, Java is a robust, object-oriented, and secure programming language. Java is also known as a platform because we know that platform is an environment where programs run. As JAVA has JRE (Java Runtime Environment) that’s why it is also known as platform.
JAVA was developed by Sun Microsystems and released in 1995. Java code runs on different platforms like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc. And JAVA is considered one of the strongest technologies in the world.

Q2. What are Different editions of JAVA?

Ans: Basically JAVA has 3 major editions or platforms.

  • First one is Java SE (Standard Edition). This is considered the programming platform of JAVA. In this edition or platform, we have several APIs or packages like java. lang, java.io, java.net, java. util, java.sql. It also covers several topics like OOP, String, Reges, Exception, Networking.
  • Second edition which we have is Java EE (Enterprise Edition). This edition is developed based on JAVA SE. Using this platform we mainly develop web and enterprise applications.
  • Third one is Java ME (Micro Edition). This edition is mainly used for mobile applications.
  • Also we have another edition of Java Which is JavaFX. Mainly it’s a library which is used for rich internet applications.

Q3. What are some important features of JAVA?
Ans: Obviously we need to know some important features of Java, why it is special. Let’s discuss about some important features of Java.

  • First thing is Java is really easy to learn. Its syntax is developed based on C++. So those who have basic programming knowledge and knows about C++ can easily learn JAVA.
  • Java is an Object-oriented programming language (OOP). OOP is a methodology that simplifies software development a lot. OOP helps us to relate our coding concept in real life. Using this concept everything is a form of object in real life. Each object has some property and behavior like real life.
  • Java is a platform-independent programming language. Java code can run on any platform like Windows, Linux, Mac OS. There is a say about java, “Write once, run everywhere”. It runs everywhere because java has a compiler that converts Java code into byte code and this byte code runs everywhere.
  • Java is also very much famous for its security.

Q4. What is JDK, JRE and JVM?
Ans: If we want to study Java then it's a must to know about these three topics very well. Lets discuss about them one by one.

  • JDK stands for Java Development Kit. From the name, we can say it is necessary for software development. For software development using Java, it's mandatory to prepare our environment by installing JDK. Compiler and Java application launcher are included with JDK. JRE(Java Runtime Environment) is also included with JDK so that we can execute our program.
  • JRE(Java Runtime Environment). It includes class libraries, loader class, and JVM( Java Virtual Machine). If we don’t need to develop any java program, we only need to run a Java program then we can run a java program only using JRE.
  • JVM( Java Virtual Machine) is an engine. It provides us runtime environment where we can run Java code or applications. It’s the place where byte codes convert into machine code. JVM is a part of JRE.

Q5. What is OOP?
Ans:OOP(Object Oriented Programming) is a concept of programming where we can solve complex problems by splitting them into a small part of a subproblem. Here everything is considered as an object which has some properties and values. Using OOP we create programs using class and object in a structured manner. Let's discuss some important topics of OOP:

Class:-It is a blueprint of an object. Object an instance of a class. It defines by the class keyword.

Object:- Any real-world entity such as a chair, table. Each object has some unique property and behavior.

Abstraction:- It means hiding information from others who don’t need to know about those. We can achieve abstraction in any class by simply using the keyword abstraction.

Encapsulation:- It’s a mechanism where we can wrap any variable or method within a single unit. If we encapsulate data within a class then it will not be accessible from other classes.

Inheritance:- It means parent-child relationship. Using this mechanism child class will get all the properties from the parent class if the child class inherits the parent class. It is very much helpful for code reusability.

Polymorphism:- This mechanism is for a single action in different ways. Using this we will have a single method that will serve different purposes. There are two types of polymorphism, run time and compile time.

These are some important and key things about Java. I haven't discussed any coding-related issue because it's relevant to more practice rather than discussion. Hope one day I will share some coding practice also.

Thanks a lot for reading the whole discussion. If you found anything wrong or irrelevant please feel free to share. Let's learn together.


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