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Hello everyone here, I greet you all. I am very happy for this contest, though it's not my field of study at school, I still have passion for Information Technology related and better still, I have a course which is related to basic computing. This contest is going to enlighten us more about the history and benefits of programming languages, some include, python, Java, C++ and others. My entry for this contest is about the C++ programming language.



C++ is a general programming language, purposely designed by Bjarne Stroustrup, as a modified version of the C programming language, also known as "C with Classes". This programming language was not just designed in one day or by luck, it took a number of steps and years before it was finally released. The history of this programming language is very broad and will amaze you on how it finally came to use. It all started in 1979, when the Danish Computer Scientist, Bjarne Stroustrup began to work on the C programming language, which is now the succeeded by the current C++. Bjarne was energized to create a new language from his experience during PhD thesis.



Photo of Dr. Bjarne

During that time he found out that Simula had a lot of characteristics that were very useful for large software development, but then it was very slow for use, whiles Simula was very slow, BCPL was rather fast but also has a problem of low-level for large software development, Stroustrup then was then looking for ways in order to improve upon those problems. He had the chance to work in AT&T Bell Labs, where he found it difficult it difficult in accessing the UNIX kernel with respect to distributed computing. Recalling his experience during his PhD, he began to get some knowledge on how to bring the features of the C language and that of the Simula together.
Stroustrup then started to work on the development of new programming language called C++, which was the combination of the other two languages and was to succeed the "C with Classes". In 1984, Bjarne brought the initial input/output library. This idea was brought by Doug Mcllroy.
The first edition of the C++ programming language was released in 1985, which was only for Practical use, before he released the first commercial programming language of the C++ in October of that same year. With the release of other versions, he the released the and officially published the final version of the C++ (C++20), on December 4, 2020.
Stroustrup designed this C++ and added it some guidelines known as Core Guidelines. These guidelines are an introductory, brought by Bjarne Stroustrup, the inventor of the C++ and leader of the C++ ISO Working Group, to aid programmers to use the opening keynote at CPPC on 2015. The main purpose of these guidelines was to aid programmers to write, type and resource safe C++.
This programming language was designed to meet certain criteria, with respect to its capabilities. The inventor of the language, Bjarne Stroustrup, brought an idea that the incompatibilities between the C and C++ languages should be minimized in order to create room for information sharing between the two languages.


  • The C++ programming language can be used in writing database management software
  • It can be used in games design
  • It is portable and aid in the transfer of programs that have been developed with C++ to other categories.
  • It was specially designed with features of imperative, object-oriented and also, programming models
  • Unlike the C programming language, C++ has additional features such as classes, inheritance, default function argument, and amongst others.
  • Because of it's fast nature, it is used in performing critical areas in computing.

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