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JAVA is a familiar programming language to almost all the people who works online and have a little bit knowledge of programming. This is the first programming language I've heard about and find interesting.

Many of my programmer friends encouraged me to learn JAVA as they are doing job as JAVA programmer and they consider it a smart profession. My programmer friends motivated me as there is available opportunities for JAVA programmers.

After hearing from them I made searches about JAVA and trying to acknowledge more about it. Now learning is pretty simple and easy from blogs and vlogs. I made several search on JAVA and I find many blogs and vlogs in my native language to understand it well.

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Things I Learn About JAVA Programming Language:

As far I know or learn that JAVA was started as a project by James Gosling in June, 1991 but he was working on it since 1989. The name of the project was oak (also known as the previous name of JAVA) and James wanted to implement JAVA as a virtual machine and a language which should be familiar C-like notation but with greater similarity and simplicity than C and C++

Java is easy to learn and apply if I compare to the other programming language and this is the first reason I like more JAVA than the other programming languages. I had intention to learn the basic of JAVA so I look for some blogs and vlogs which can provide me basic knowledge about Java and there I learn some more things that I'm going to share in this blog too. Hope you find it interesting.

JAVA is a complete OOP language as object oriented programming language. The first edition of JAVA released on 1996.

And now I'll talk about the 3 programming mode of JAVA and those are:

  • Console mode
  • GUI- Graphical user interface mode
  • Online based Applet mood

The most impressive thing about JAVA is a platform independent programming language which supported to almost all the machine.

I still can remember my first smart phone or touch screen phone had JAVA used applications and those applications were user friendly and easy for almost all the users. There is no doubt that JAVA is a powerful general purpose programming language and this is very popular. One more impressive thing about JAVA is that it runs on 3 billion devices worldwide according to Oracle, the company that owns Java. It sounds really great.

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Some Qualities Of JAVA :

  • JAVA is object oriented
  • Both compiled and interpreted
  • It is also multithreaded
  • Java is small, secure and simple (That's why I like it more)
  • It is portable
  • Platform independent is the most impressive quality of it.

Advantages Of JAVA Programming Language:

Java is easy to learn and easy to apply, some advantages already explained above. This is easy to use and secure and this is the reason JAVA is popular as programming language. For being platform independent it become more useful and friendly. My friends encourage me to learn JAVA and I need to have some time to acknowledge more about JAVA.


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