My Favourite Programming Language - Dart

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First introduced in 2011 dart is relatively new programming language compared to C# or Java. I like it because it is the official language for cross platform app development using flutter. Dart code is expressive and easier to read. Though Dart code can be compiled in to JavaScript and run on a browser I mainly use it for mobile app development. Dart is faster because it directly compiles in native code for most of the platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux for that reason you can make native apps for any of the platforms mentioned above using dart and flutter. As an android developer I mainly use it for android apps. I have used java previously for my android projects but the xml codes for UI building and long java classes for activity and fragments seems old fashioned to me. Dart is very similar to C++, Java and C# so you are proficient in any one of them you will learn to code in dart in no time. Dart is fast in debugging also it enables hot reloads to see changes in code on the fly. There are a few shorthand and one liners for if statements and null check statements.

Dart’s null safety is sound, which enables compiler optimizations. If the type system determines that something isn’t null, then that thing can never be null. Once you migrate your whole project and its dependencies to null safety, you reap the full benefits of soundness — not only fewer bugs, but smaller binaries and faster execution.

I like dart mainly for these reasons :

  1. Its familiar syntax and safe type system. Dart is strongly typed.
  2. large community and resources for solving bugs and learning.
  3. You can make quality app or website for most of the platforms using only one codebase.


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