Math Contest : Find Out The Total Number Of Quadrilaterals?

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Today we will announce another contest. Today's contest is mathematics-related. We are constantly announcing new contests to keep our community moving forward and we are giving the results of the contests in a timely manner. Many people participated in our previous contest and We are very happy to see the spontaneous participation of people in the contests. Anyway, Our contest is about finding the total number of Quadrilaterals. In fact, it is like an IQ test. We all probably know about the quadrilateral. A polygon that has four sides and four vertices is called a quadrilateral. Hope everyone will like the contest and everyone will participate.

The question is given in the picture below :


The rules and winner prizes for participating in the contest are described below :

Rules for participating in the contest

  • Find the answer and then comment in the comment section in this post.
  • After commenting on the correct answer, you need to invite any one of your steemit friends with a mention.
  • Only one entry is allowed.
  • The contest is open for the entire STEEMIT community.
  • The prizes will be distributed if there is more than one correct answer.

Prize Pool

Total price : 5 Steem

Post Submission Deadline

This contest will Run for 4 Days (28 July 2021, BST-11.59 pm or UTC-10:59 pm ) and Then the result will be announced.

So, participate soon and enjoy this contest.

Resteem, resteem and resteem!
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The answer is 22 quadrilateral , am inviting @obikay to contest in this iQ tasking contest.

22 quadrilaterals and i invite @gafhin

Answer is 16
I invite @peace127 and @vianneyspirit

Thanks for the invitation

Welcome dia

Answer: 22 quadrilaterals.

Answer: 22 quadrilaterals
Invitation: @mubdi-technology

The total number of Quadrilaterals : 22 .
Invited to @brahmaputra.

There are 22 quadrilaterals
I am inviting @priteshboss

Hello @zero-to-infinity
There are 20 quadrilaterals

The answer is 23.
@starrchris, @anyiglobal invited.

22 is the answer
@kyara2 @eberechi10 are my invite

Thanks for the invite dia

26 quadrilaterals
@swaylee is my invite

The answer is 22 quadrilaterals

I'm inviting @imaitor to participate

Thank you so much @preshymukel for inviting me . Am grateful to @steemblog for this contest that will re-awaken our IQ

Thanks for the invitation @raulgupt

Ans: 22 Quadrilaterals

I invite @ayazali

Mi respuesta es 14
Invito a: @jack0

Ans: 22 Quadrilaterals
I invite @ayeshask

There are 22 quadrilaterals.

I want to invite @luimer79.

Separador 1.png

@amer4058 Thanks for invite

The answer is 22 Quadrilaterals

22 visible and 30 if you take the house as 3d object. I am inviting @arrabela

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Mi respuesta es 14 cuadriláteros

28 quadrilaterals in total
Invite @chibuzorwisdom

Call answered
Good answer brother @oadissin

Buenas noches son 14 cuadriláteros en total. Invito a @veruskav a unirse al concurso

22 quadrilaterals
I therefore invite @verdad

¡Buenas por aca chicos!

La Respuesta a la suma de los cuadriláteros es 22

Invito a este concurso al amigo

Quiz Answer : 22.

I invite my friend @beautymondal to participate in the contest. I have re-steemed this announcement.

22 quadrilaterals.
I invite @rubilu123

There are 22 quadrilaterals
I am inviting @drhira @iqrarana786 @drasma

Ans 22 quadrilaterals
I invite my friend

My answer: 22
I am inviting @adventurer21

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