Spartans! What is your job? Auuuuu Auuuu Auuu


"Spartans! What is your trade?”, Gerard Butler's Leonidas shouted to his 300 Spartans in Zack Snyder's glorious film.

If you believed that Leonidas was one of the great heroes of history, you are right. Not a fault can be put to the leader of the Spartans and to the 300 men of him. However, next to them they had another 6.7000 warriors from Thebes, Arcadia, Corinth, Maecenas, Thespians, Tegea or Mantinea. Of all of them it was the mission to stop the troops of Xerxes, son of Darío, that amounted to a whopping 200,000 men. It was 480 BC. and Darius's son was determined to invade Greece.

The Persian topas would have bled like never before at the hands of the powerful army of Sparta, but Xerxes bribed the Oracle of Delphi, who convinced the Spartan council not to send his army against the emperor. Thus, Leonidas saw how the invaders arrived at the Greek thing, but without having any army at their disposal. Only the 300 men of his bodyguard joined the brave Spartan when he set out to pass Thermopylae.


Two and a half kilometers long and 40 wide. The audacious general Themestocles chose Thermopylae gorge as the ideal place to face Xerxes. There, with the 300 Spartans of Leonidas in front, the hordes of Xerxes were constantly repelled. The ground was watered with Persian blood for two days of constant victories, but one small factor altered everything. A pastor. Only a shepherd was the man who approached Xerxes' camp and gave the invader the location of a hidden path to ambush the Hellenic troops. As soon as he knew it, Leonidas sent all the warriors home, staying alone with his 300 Spartans (and some Thebans, whom he did not trust and preferred to have by his side). He knew that victory was no longer possible, but he was determined to give the Greek peoples time to organize a great army.


Days resisted according to the chronicles of Herodotus. The courage of warriors and their skill for battle knew no bounds. Thus, Leonidas and his 300 Spartans of his ended up dead before the arrows of some Persians who were never able to defeat the Greeks in close combat. In fact it was fear that they felt. However, the days served for the Greek army to organize itself, ending with the troops of Xerxes in the battles of Salamis and Plataea. And it is that 300 brave men were able to change the course of history.

This a single small event that happened, since the history of that battle is even longer.

But you already know something more about that great battle


Is Amazing the way you write all this @apoloo1

I never see anyone outside Greece understand the sacrifice of Spartan against Persia

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We have the greatest pillars, that if it were not for them we would not be what we are now.

1- It was the Greeks
2- And others were the Romans

These two great cultures gave us many riches which are very important for all the beings that we live on the planet.

We bring the start

Romans bring order and rules

You Bring Art and Strength 🎨💪