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As a member of the Steem community, What improvement would you like to see on the social platform

Which other features, tools, improvements, and functionalities do you believe will benefit the user experience and improve the usability of the social platform?

A built-in dedicated chat plug-in comes to mind first. one of the big draws of social media as a whole is being able to message the people you meet, posts are great and all but a built-in dedicated interuser chat will flesh out every aspect of steemit through the interuser integration of information.

another thing that comes to mind is that you should make it cheaper to form a community (or maybe do a sale?!?). As it stands looking through your communities there are a ton of topics that there just aren't groups for and I suspect that the issue lies in the cost to worth value of forming a community of your own, especially considering how much work it is to build and maintain one in the first place. I get that you guys have quality to maintain(god i love the quality of content here <3) so maybe introduce a community rating system to your search so that you can filter out communities below your standards.

I think a dedicated music player where users could upload their own content and have it rated and voted by their peers would be wildly popular. possibly as a plugin?

as a new user from America I would love to see you guys make a push in the states, a lot of us are tired of Facebook bull.

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 2 months ago 

Thank you for your feedback. Private chat integration into steemit would be awesome and the rating system for the community is good too and sorting them out to a category/popularity/rating etc.