#1000daysofsteem||Onboarding people onto steemit

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Thank you @steemitblog for giving me the opportunity to showcase those I recruited this week on steemit.

I've been advertising steemit platform through my WhatsApp status and I've been getting reasonable feedback.

In the past two weeks I joined Steem, I've gotten four feedbacks, but I was able to recruit two, the other two aren't stable yet to onboard.

The two onboarders are:

  • @onyx96502
    She's a personal friend of mine and course mate. She joined yesterday being Wednesday 15th July, 2020.


Here is her introductory post

  • @symplypresh
    She's also a personal friend of mine and course mate in school. She joined yesterday too being Wednesday 15th July, 2020.


Here is her introductory post

Since they both joined yesterday, so far they've made one post each. They're getting right on to their next post.

I've encouraged them to join in the shopping game and they've promised to once they're opportune to go to market they'll do well by posting all they shopped for.

Thank you very much for visiting my blog


Its a real privilege to be given this great opportunity to join the steemians.Thanks for d privilege.

You're welcome. You'll enjoy your stay here. Hope you're getting ready for your next Achievement post. It's all going to be right.


Thank you @beckie for this great opportunity. God bless u

You're welcome @onyx96502. I look forward to seeing you participate in season 2 of #thedairygame. You'll love it.


Weldone @beckie96830. That's a very great job you are doing. On steem, we win together. Onboarding new users onto steemit will always attract great favor to you in the long run. Just formulate your team and be ready for Season 2 of the diary game. hehe.. You guys are very awesome.

Thank you very much sir @yohan2on. I'm grateful for all you've been doing for us newbies. You all are great greeters.

Looking forward to participating in the season 2 of #thediarygame


@beckie96830. You are doing a great job. Keep it up. Like I always say in our group chats, all of us are heading in one direction - UP. We will bring in as many people as we can to Steemit.

You did say that @focusnow. Steemit is a great platform to be in. Let's make steemit great and popular.


Nice job recruiting and helping her get her introductory post down!

Thank you so much sir.
I'm glad I could help
There are a lot of people I'm looking forward to onboarding.


 6 months ago 

Good work on the recruitment.

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