Announcement on Steemingcurators community rebrand to Steeming Community

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Hello everyone! I would like to let you all know that we have rebrand the Steemingcurators community name to Steeming Community.
I also have created a community curation account for this Steeming Community which we call @steemingcuration
I decided to take this path as I couldn't get any words from previous community partner of steemingcurators community curation account regarding issue on whether @steemingcurators account is community curation account or their personal account.
I don't want to involve in something that I don't know nothing about in the decision making of the direction to where this community will move forward, the financial aspect of it, and other things that I have to wait for long time to get an answer in whatever I need to do on getting this community moving and growing. I just don't want to promote or growing something that I'm not sure what it is and making community members confuse.

To all of the delegators to steemingcurators account that think that this account was a community curation account, please delegate to @steemingcuration instead as this account is clearly been declared as Steeming Community curation account. I apologize in advance for the inconvenience.
Please follow our curation trail through this link too if you want to further support this community steemingcuration trail

It was a great experience working together with Steemingcurators team in the past and I appreciate everything that they have taught me. I'm who I am now as steemit community members because of them. I hope we still can collaborate in any project in the near future if there's any chance to do so.

Steeming Community is about...

For now Steeming Community is all about bloggers' community on Steemit.
The community rules are simple;
Please help us make this community the best virtual community on Steemit by :

  • supporting each other by upvote, comment and create useful and valuable contents
  • no copy/paste contents
  • Steem exclusive content only please.

and lastly, please consider to support the community curation account either by delegate to @steemingcuration account or follow our curation trail.
We give back 100% of curation reward to our delegators in both Steem and TRX. The payout will be in monthly basis.
Delegators post also will be given a priority for booming curation support if they fit all the criteria for booming curation support.

Thank you and keep on steeming!


Much Love,
Steeming Community Team.

 last month 

I have been waiting for this decision from you for a long time. this is the right and great decision. I hope this community is more advanced and can be of benefit to everyone here.

I honestly like the new name! It’s still good but much more vibrant.

Assalam Walekum you have a lot of knowledge that I have

congratulations on changing the name of the community, and hopefully in the future you can always be successful, @cryptokannon

Assalam Walekum Bhai, your comment is very good, I am getting more use by speaking to him.

Hello! I want to become a curator of "a better Life With Steem project". I know spanish and English here you have My sample report for each category

I can improve if a have to.

I have another idea.....

Do you know the account @steemstem?

Well I publish With them years ago and know they are gone.

They have good ideas, curating good scientific post.

I know the rules they use for it, maybe I can curate those kind of post and You can create a # like #steemscience, or #sciencewithsteem, and people like me can publish their content and be regarded as well they make good Quality science post.

Please let me know ir there is something I can do to be part of the team

I am new so Good plateform Steemians for earning and helpless work change name steemit lover

Very impressive @cryptokannon , any news on the community feedback contest please...

 last month 

Thanks for the information @cryptokannon this community will get better and better.

 last month 

Thanks @Cryptokannon for all the information, and continue to support the original content, welcome the changes, welcome @Steeming Community!

 last month 

Congratulations !
We are the hope of the helpless posts.
Your post has been manually rewarded by The Seven Team. Follow our Curation Trail and become in a Seven now.

Felicidades !
Somos la esperanza de los posts desamparados.
Tu post ha sido manualmente recompensado por El Seven Team. Sigue nuestro Curation Trail y conviertete en un Seven ahora.

 last month 

Great decision.

I like your post a lot I got a very good experience from this post, if you keep posting like this then we will continue to gain knowledge, thanks also at night thank you

many thanks to you for sharing the useful information everytime

 last month 

Tnx for the info mam, soon I will be delegating again...

Hello dear friend @cryptokannon good day
Thank you very much for sharing this information, to be honest we were surprised
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid day

thanks for the information, hopefully this new name can be more advanced than before, hopefully this community will always be successful, have a nice day @cryptokannon

Hi what a good decision you have made, working adrift without knowing what direction to take is not beneficial to anyone and that will generate stress bad for your health.

Thank you for communicating to the community, I wish you much success in your new project and I am sure you will do well.

Greetings and thank you. @Cryptokannon

Hola, @cryptokannon. Gracias por comunicarte, me parece un gesto muy apropiado que sabremos agradecer. Gracias también por tomarme en cuenta para este post. Seguimos adelante!

Well explained content

Wow @cryptokannon this is a nice bold step.
At first when I saw this Community I was confused what it was all about, I just read your content and now I realize.
I also want to say a big thank you for the Steem o received from the community a few days a go.
That was a huge support.

Best regards

 last month 

moderators mark you as suspicious and we need to investigate your account first. Will let you know once we done. Please stop spamming your comment like you did as that won't make me or people here respond to you instantly, but will make them annoyed and might mute you forever..

Okay please check my account. And remove me from the suspicious mark. This account is my original account.How can I contact you?

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